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UK Models Female Clients Fascinated by Amazing Underwater Photo Shoot


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- A group of brave models have caught the attention of the media, after agreeing to free dive in the ocean with thirty foot long whales. UK Models female clientele were shocked when they heard that these models had volunteered to be a part of this highly unusual photography shoot. Roberta Mancino, 32, and Hannah Fraser, 36, dived into the ocean, wearing couture gowns, and posed with some of the world's largest sea creatures. Kristian Schmidt and Shawn Heinrichs came up with the concept, spending over four months planning the shoot.

The two photographers hope that the images will help to raise awareness of the plight of these whales. Heinrichs said that he had no difficulty finding models to participate in the shoot; in fact, he said that they were 'incredibly eager' to get involved. Roberta is a skilled base jumper, whilst Hannah has worked on several underwater shoots, and so both were easily able to adapt to the somewhat unusual conditions. Whilst whale sharks look very intimidating, UK Models agency clients were surprised to learn that they are actually very gentle creatures, who present absolutely no threat to humans.

The shoot took place in the Philippines, next to a small fishing village; Heinrichs explained that the local fisherman were very welcoming, and were happy to offer advice on how to interact respectfully and safely with the whale sharks. UK Models Facebook friends say that these creatures are classified as a vulnerable species, as they are regularly killed by poachers, due to the fact that their fins can be sold on the black market for several thousand pounds.

UK Models Manchester clients read that the local fishermen have developed a bond with the whale sharks, and can even get close enough to feed them in the shallow waters of the bay. The whale sharks now come up to their boats every day and wait to be fed. Heinrichs said that he and the crew were amazed at how gentle these creatures were, and at how well the images of them turned out. He added that they were extremely careful in regards to managing the composition and the lighting, as they wanted to create clear, crisp shots of the models interacting with the whales. He praised the models, saying that the natural beauty, confidence and skill which the two women brought to the project was what had made it such a success.

An underwater shoot, which involved two models interacting with enormous whale sharks, has caused a stir in the modelling industry. The images were taken in the Philippines, over the course of five days, and were created to help raise awareness of the plight of whale sharks.

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