UK Property Finance Discusses the Importance of on-Going Improvements in Customer Service Quality

Britain’s Leading Provider of Intelligent Financial Services Hits Back At Those Shunning Service Automation


Leicester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2016 -- One of the country's most reputable financial service providers has hit back at brands and businesses that have made the decision to actively avoid technological advancement and automation of services. Speaking of the importance of on-going change for the benefit of all customers, the team at UK Property Finance firmly believes that in order to provide customers with superior service, evolution and technological enhancement should be considered mandatory.

In order to cater to the needs of as many customers as possible as efficiently as possible, UK Property Finance is continually invested in automated solutions to simplify the process for customers. As much of the industry continues to shun partial-automation of services, UK Property Finance believes that the future of the industry is dependent on the exact opposite.

Important Progress

"Rather than viewing developments like robo-advice as a threat, advisers should look at how new technology can help them to stay one step ahead of the competition. Above all else, brokers must ensure that they are using every tool available to provide a modern, holistic service that meets the requirements of their customers throughout all aspects of the market, whether that be for mortgages, re-mortgages, second charge or buy-to-let products." - L&G Mortgage Club director Jeremy Duncombe

Echoing the views of Jeremy Duncombe, UK Property Finance has for many years been actively investing in the kind of technology that makes essential information easier and faster to access – all 100% free of charge. While so many service providers insist on direct dealings with customers to provide even preliminary information, UK Property Finance and many others see this as an inconvenient and unnecessary approach.

One example of the advances made by UK Property Finance over recent years was the launch of the very first bridging loans calculator over at Designed to make it as quick and easy as possible for customers to gain access to preliminary information on bridging loans and rates, the tool entirely negates the need to make phone calls and arrange appointments, simply to answer the most basic of initial questions.

Committed to Clients

"We're proud to remain 100% committed to exactly what it is our client need, rather than catering to our own needs and preferences. The industry often considered technological advancement to be a curse, as it has the potential to reduce the need for direct involvement by businesses like ours. The way we see it though, it it's something that could benefit the client, that's exactly what we should be embracing and delivering." – UK Property Finance

What makes the service package at UK Property Finance different is the way in which it is 100% client-focused, 100% of the time. Rather than focusing on what may benefit the business in terms of sales and product marketing, it's instead a story of total convenience, value for money and getting things done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

UK Property Finance specialises in intelligent, accessible and highly versatile financial products and services for all purposes. In any instance where the products of conventional lenders just aren't up to the job, a tailored solution from a brand like UK Property Finance could make all the difference.

About UK Property Finance
UK Property Finance is a fully independent, FCA regulated organisation specialising in intelligent financial products and advice for property buyers and developers. The company also operates, which is Britain's leading name in the arrangement and brokerage of intelligent financial solutions.