UK Protection Insurance 2017 Dominated by a Key Players Like Legal & General, SunLife: Term and Whole of Life


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2017 -- "UK Protection Insurance 2017: Term and Whole of Life", covers the market for individual regular premiums, concentrating on the main market for all types of consumers seeking their own cover. Taking protection as a whole, it focuses on the major and closely related product lines of term and whole of life insurance that broadly provide financial compensation in the risk-measured event of death or severe health issues. The report examines the size of the protection market over time, and how the distribution landscape is changing and being impacted by technology and direct propositions. It discusses the top market players and their propositions. The report forecasts how the size of the market will change over the next five years, discusses consumer engagement with protection products, and highlights how providers propositions are likely to change in the future.

The UK life protection market for regular, individual premiums has entered a quiet period, with a new normal level of business of reduced contracts and premiums since 2013. With the protection market fairly stable in terms of premiums, the real story lies in changes in distribution. The non-advised channel is starting to gain momentum for term products that can be easily commoditized. Term distribution is expected to move away from independent financial advisors (IFAs) and begin to mirror the general insurance market, where policies are sold directly and through aggregators. Providers propositions are also changing. Policies are becoming more personalized to individual risk, with insurers developing policies for specific risk groups. Providers are also trying to actively help their customers manage their health.

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- The protection market is dominated by a few key players. Legal & General holds the largest share of the term market, whereas SunLife holds the largest proportion of the whole of life market.

- Providers are trying to actively help their customers manage their health by investing in diagnostic healthcare technology, launching wellbeing apps, and providing customers with virtual GP services.

- Following the Retail Distribution Review, robo-advice and technology will help bridge the advice gap for less affluent consumers.

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