UK Residents Can Now Get Payday Loans Online with the Help of

The site provides short term financing solutions by helping borrowers connect with lenders who can help them get the money they need


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2012 -- Though personal finance experts suggest consumers maintain a bank account with at least six months worth of living expenses in it, that’s not always a possibility for the working class citizen. Yet that doesn’t stop the car from breaking down in the middle of the winter, or the kids from needing emergency wisdom tooth removal. UK Residents can now get payday loans online for such urgent situation through website. isn’t a lender. They bring qualified borrowers together with lenders to make the loan transaction happen. The process is explained in detail at (

“Financially troubling situations sometimes happen to good working people. We fully understand that, and those are the people we want to help,” said Robin Taylor, a representative for the website. “The beauty of obtaining a loan through is that you don’t need great credit or even collateral. We provide bad credit loans because the amount of money is so small, it doesn’t need to be reported to the credit agencies. It’s perfect for people who are working hard, but simply need to get out of a tough situation.”

Applicants for short term financing must be UK residents, who are at least 18 years old, with a National Insurance number. They must be employed full-time and have a current UK bank account. Once the requirements are met, they can apply for payday loans online directly through the website.

“The application process is actually quite fast,” explained Taylor. “Once an applicant fills out the form online, the money can be in their bank account within an hour – though it’s not unusual to take as few as 15 minutes.”

Depending on their work situation, new applicants may receive anywhere from £100 to £1,000. Interest on these bad credit loans may range from a flat fee of £25 to £100. Repayment terms are established by the individual lender, though almost all lenders require payment through the same bank account the cash was received in.

To apply for short term financing through, visit their website at ( To learn more about the lending process see their information page at (

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