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UK Small Business Mobile Marketing Resource Launched

Small businesses in the UK can now take advantage of a new free mobile phone marketing training course and learn about mobile websites, sms marketing and mobile app marketing.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2012 -- The United Kingdom has seen much growth in mobile marketing. Shoppers are spending more time on their mobile devices, locating products and making purchases. As a result, businesses are discovering that mobile marketing is an effective means of communicating with their customers. Small businesses, with smaller marketing budgets and lack of knowledge, have had a tougher time adopting mobile marketing strategies. Now there is a new resource aimed at small business owners who need help establishing an effective mobile marketing campaign.

This new resource is It brings together all the marketing tools and training to begin an effective mobile phone marketing campaign in one place. UK Mobile Marketing started specifically for small business owners who need assistance successfully navigating the world of mobile marketing. Strategies such as mobile website design, mobile app development and bulk SMS marketing are very cost-effective and a good place for small businesses to begin their mobile phone marketing plans.

An innovative mobile marketing video training course developed with small business owners in mind is available free of charge. The marketing course teaches small business owners how to use mobile marketing strategies to successfully attract new customers and bring in more revenue. The marketing tools that small business owners need are all included in this free marketing training course, including mobile marketing software.

The topics included in the free marketing training course include:

- Retail mobile coupon marketing strategies
- Restaurant sms text marketing plans
- Salon and Spa sms text message reminder service options
- Pub and Nightclub mobile websites and mobile app strategies
- Religious/Church mobile marketing ideas
- Real Estate QR code marketing strategies

The founder of UK Mobile Marketing is Mr. Michael Armstrong. He is a marketing professional who also developed and created the free video training course. Mr. Armstrong understands small business mobile marketing and the challenges of effectively managing a mobile marketing strategy. He created UK Mobile Marketing and the video training to help small business owners in the UK better understand and utilize mobile phone marketing into their overall business marketing plans. Mr. Armstrong hopes to take away the confusion that has surrounded mobile marketing and replace it with the clarity needed for success.

Company: UK Mobile Marketing
Contact: Michael Armstrong