UK Smoker Launches E-Cigarette Reviews Site

E-cigarettes don't contain all the chemicals that real cigarettes do, the toxic chemicals contained in a real cigarette include amonia, methanol, butane, carbon manoxide, tar, etc. This make e-cigs a healthier alternative to real cigarettes, one UK smoker who is trying to give and experimenting with e-cigs has started a review site.


Slough, Berkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- Smoking was once a very popular habit but it is becoming less popular and socially acceptable these days. According to the organisation ASH (Action Against Smoking and Health)the most popular recorded year for smoking in Great Britain was 1948, when 82% of men and 41% of women smoked. In 2011 the amount of smokers in the UK had fallen to around 20% of the population, see more of the ASH report here.

These days Everyone seems to be aware of the health risks that smoking poses, smoking has also become less and less socially acceptable. In around 2006 the UK government banned all smoking in pubs and other public places this ban has led many smokers to look for a legal alternative when out and about in pubs and nightclubs.

Electronic cigarettes are allowed in most UK nightclubs and pubs, ecigs contain no carcinogens or tar, they produce only vapour, they don't produce real smoke or ash and they don't smell. This makes them safer for the smokers and anyone else in their vicinity.

One UK-based smoker who is trying to give up is Mark Stubbles, Mark has turned to ecigs and decided to share his findings via a new website,

It says on the site that he will be reviewing and taking into account e-cig factors and rating them accordingly. The site goes on to say "we look at things like manufacturers warranty, initial cost of starter kits and refills. Once we have taken into account all factors that should influence your purchasing decision we then award star ratings, users can also rate products and leave comments on their favourite brands." also encourages visitors to leave comments, feedback and any voucher codes they know of for their favourite brands, the site has a star rating system with the most popular brand currently being tiger coco kit from ecigarette web, the brand has an average rating of 9.8 out of ten. Learn more about ecigs and here.