in2town Asks Does David Cameron Know How Much One Week in Benidorm Would Cost

A leading Manchester Airport car-parking expert was concerned this week when Prime Minister David Cameron did not know how much the living wage was in and outside of London.


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 --, said they were worried when David Cameron did not have a clue to how much the living wage was. The airport car parking company would like to know if the Prime Minister knows how much a week's holiday in Benidorm would cost.

David Cameron who became one of the MR Men this week, when he tried to avoid the question four times on how much the living wage was. MR Forgetful, as has now renamed him, looked very embarrassed when he admitted he forgot the answer. The Prime Minister, who seems to have a long running problem with forgetfulness, made his own voters question if he was in touch with the real world. would like to put the Prime Minister to the test and find out if he is out of touch with the real world.

Chris Fryer from the Airport car-parking company that helps holidaymaker's find cheaper parking said the majority of the country knew what the living wage was.

"I am concerned the Prime Minister is out of touch with the real world, so I would like to put him to the test. I would like to ask him if he knows how much an average holiday to Benidorm would cost for a family of four." Said Chris

When asked 100 people in the North West if they thought David Cameron would know how much the holiday would cost, the results were not shocking. 97 people said he would not while 90 said he would not even know where Benidorm was. 54 people went one step further and said how can the Prime Minister know where Benidorm was when he does not even know where the North West is?

It seems the huge mistake on David Cameron part has made him even more unpopular and made many thousands of people feel he is out of touch with the real world, which could cost him the General Election.

On the positive side, if the Prime Minister does move out of 10 Downing Street after the next General Election, he may find out where Benidorm is. The popular holiday destination is looking for holiday reps, which would be much better than David Cameron claiming jobseekers.

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