in2town Says David Cameron Should Remove School Term Time Ban

This week David Cameron has said sorry for being Mr Grinch for not letting parents take their children out of school during term time.


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2015 -- Prime Minister David Cameron, who is holding onto his job by a thread, has this week said sorry for being a Grinch and not letting parents take their children out of school during term time. The Prime Minister has admitted that some travel companies increase their prices when children are off school, but according to Cheap Airport Car Parking experts, sorry is just not enough.

The Prime Minister, who this week showed his sense of humour by claiming the Conservative party were for the working class, finally admitted the term time ban has caused parents problems. However, a spokesman for said anyone can say sorry, but action speaks louder than words.

David Cameron, who could be looking for a new job as an 18-30-holiday rep after the Next General Election, has failed to take any action in changing or relaxing the school ban. Thousands of parents have said they will not vote for David Cameron over the school ban, which has resulted in them not being able to take their children on holiday.

The Prime Minister has tried to put the blame at the school gates by claiming schools should alter their term dates, so different schools around the country have different term times. However, it seems David Cameron has forgotten the job he has and the power he has in changing these term dates. It also seems according to that he has forgotten who introduced the ban and who has the power to relax it or remove it.

Although David Cameron agreed airlines and travel agents increase their prices when children are off school, he failed to mention any action he is prepared to take to stop this from happening.

The Prime Minister said: "Some people say to me: 'Come on Prime Minister, stop being such a Grinch. Let us take our children out of school in term time, take them on holiday so we can go on a cheaper holiday.'

"And I really do hate having to say this, but the answer is no, we shouldn't do that."

Chris Fryer from said: "The school ban is unfair. Thousands of parents cannot afford the rise in prices when children are off school. If the Prime Minister took action against travel companies or relaxed the ban, then thousands of children would not be missing out on a family holiday."

It seems very unlikely that David Cameron will announce he is relaxing the ban before the General Election. That could be down to not wanting to upset travel companies in case he needs to apply for an 18-30 holiday rep job, or it could be a case he simply doesn't care. No matter what the reason is, thousands of children will grow up with never having a holiday.

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