UKModels London Suggests a Revolutionary Way for Women to Clothes Shop Online

The difficulties with women’s online shopping has been revolutionized says UK Models female.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2012 -- A creative website has been recently launched which allows women of various sizes and shapes to see select items on models which have similar body shapes, hip widths, breast sizes, age, etc before purchasing. Rent the Runway is the brainchild of Jennifer Hyman and Jenny Fleiss and offers online clothes shopping relief for the frustrated female masses. Now women can look good for their man or maybe catch the eye of UKModels agency!

Before making that next online clothing buy, UK Models agency users suggest checking out the recently unveiled website Rent the Runway.

Women often find shopping for clothes a difficult endeavor. Body shapes and sizes are not all the same and the clothes seen on prepped models fit and look completely different than what is expected due to these variances. Online shopping is even more frustrating because clothing items cannot be tried on before purchase. Therefore, the items arrive in the mail with a predetermined expectation of how they will look, but end up actually being too loose, too tight, or a variety of crumpy, bumpy fittings in between.

Such a problem is quite common on many UK Models female as well as other women due to the fact that the models used to display new lines of clothing items are generally tall, thin and medium to small breasted. Women who are more endowed, or whose body types don’t fit the model industry standard, are often left either having to do without or simply putting up with wearing odd fitted clothing.

UKModels agency members point out that Rent the Runway uses a variety of models for their online clothing items. Visitors can browse for women of similar body shape, height, bust or waist size, and even age so they can see what the items will look like on them. This revolutionary process basically eliminates the guess work and doubtful decisions that many women are forced to make when looking at items made for shapely models.

Many of the women used on Rent the Runway are actually uploaded photos of customers who have previously purchased clothing items and wish to share. The company found that the conversion rate of lookers to buyers doubled by implementing this simple process. UKModels London users explain that this was a big indication that many women shoppers are frustrated with only being allowed to gaze at perfectly figured models that have been airbrushed and touched up and, instead, prefer to see items on women who more realistically represent them.

For all the ladies looking to dress to impress the man of their eye or even UK Models female, can now confidently do clothes shopping online where real women of various body types and other variations reveal how desired items actually fit.

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