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Ukrainian Teachers' App Conquers Windows Store


Kyiv, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2014 -- MindSticks, the educational (and surprisingly addictive) app on Windows Store, has reached the number five spot on 7th of April. Even more surprising is that the power behind this app comes from Oleksii and Oleksandr Tebenko, twin brothers and teachers within the Education Department of the Obolon District in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The Tebenkos were completely unfamiliar with TouchDevelop or how to make an app before they settled on MindSticks. As they designed this tool meant to teach, they had to learn it as well!

Together, they hope to change the learning process to make it more interesting and creative.

“Our example can inspire many teachers,” Tebenko says. “Thousands of teachers and millions of students around the world will find out that programming is becoming more easy and fun. We think that the time has come when you need not only teach and lay the foundation, but develop necessary skills.”

MindSticks is a web and mobile game-based learning service that helps improve logic, memory, attention, imagination and reaction. It features over 30,000 puzzles, all which are categorized based on which area you want to focus on. MindSticks’ prototype won the People’s Choice Award at the Microsoft TouchDevelop Apathon 2013 in London.

An app centered around matchsticks was selected for several reasons:

-Matchstick puzzles are very popular in Ukraine. Ukrainian school programs even include Matchstick puzzles within their curriciulum.

-These puzzles are simple, effective, and fun.

-As they developed, they discovered that matchsticks can develop other skills such as memory and attention by adding different directions and colors.

With this template, the game Matches – predecessor to MindSticks – was born, and won the People’s Choice Award at the Microsoft TouchDevelop Apathon 2013 in London.

The Tebenko twins plan to develop MindStick’s brain-training services. They plan to add new types of puzzles, develop apps for iOS and Android, change the game design, etc. In short, the brothers have huge plans for MindSticks. However, since they aren’t game developers, they will need investments before this can happen.

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For inquiries, feedback, or to discuss a potential investment opportunity in MindSticks, please contact:

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