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Ukritic Launches Crowd-Sourcing Platform for Reviews on Rocket Chinese Software and Many Other Products


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2012 -- Today, there are many review websites offering consumers the ability to get insights on products before they buy them. These websites can be a useful tool when researching and comparing certain products, but it is sometimes difficult to know which review websites are providing accurate information.

One recently launched website, called Ukritic, has an innovative business model that implements crowd sourcing in order to generate high-quality reviews. was launched at the end of March 2012, and the website currently has 600 members who review various products across a range of categories. Membership numbers are growing fast, and the website expects to reach over 1,000 published full-length reviews in the near future.

“Our intuitive platform makes it very simple for anyone to publish professional, interactive and media-rich product reviews that will truly impact visitors with your story. From adding images, inserting videos, choosing layouts — it's all done in just a few mouse clicks. Publishing a product review you can be proud of has never been easier,” declares a representative of Ukritic.

The key behind the success of Ukritic is the high quality of its reviews. Reviews, like the review for Rocket Chinese language-learning software, explain what the product is as well as its advantages and disadvantages. By ensuring that reviewers present their objective opinions, Ukritic is providing a service to consumers looking for reliable advice.

Reviews are well written and easy to follow, with introductions guiding the reader and conclusions to summarize the major points. Readers can also rate reviews based on their helpfulness, adding another level of quality control to reviews.

For consumers who ultimately decide that they are interested in buying Rocket Chinese in order to help them to learn Chinese, the review features a link to a page where they can purchase the product immediately.

Ukritic thrives by offering consumers a high level of service and convenience while at the same time giving reviewers the chance to earn commissions as product affiliates. Ukritic is the first website on the Internet to do this, and many people are beginning to participate in its community.

About Ukritic
Ukritic is the first crowd-sourced product review platform. Members can create ethical, detailed reviews of almost any product or service, and promote them on Each review has to pass human moderation prior to getting published on the site. Ukritic facilitates simple, tech friendly, affiliate publishing for the user. This allows users to earn profits from sales referred from their reviews.

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