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Ukritic Taps Into the Crowd-Sourcing Trend to Provide Reviews on Products Like Acnezine Skin Treatment


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2012 -- Crowd sourcing is a relatively new concept that has been attracting a lot of attention lately. A lot of Internet users are drawn to crowd sourcing because it gives them the opportunity to participate in an active community where their efforts are appreciated.

Many people can benefit from the information that is provided by crowd sourcing, and this is being demonstrated by a recently launched site called Ukritic is quickly gaining popularity and has already been featured on,,, and Ukritic is a website that provides users with the chance to participate in commission-based affiliate programs while also writing unbiased reviews on products.

The reviewers on Ukritic contribute to an important community, as noted by a representative of the website: “As people across the world are increasingly turning to the web to research products before they buy them, truly helpful user reviews are becoming more and more important. Your opinions on the products you love matter more than ever before.”

Reviews cover a wide range of categories, including skin care products like Acnezine. A full-length review might include information on the benefits of the product, like the fact that the product is all natural and is both curative and preventative, in the case of Acnezine. Reviews also feature details on how products work. The Acnezine review, for example, informs readers of all the ingredients contained in the product.

By discussing both the pros and cons of items like Acnezine, reviewers of Ukritic offer objective opinions that consumers can use to evaluate a variety of products. Readers can also leave comments about the reviews, enabling them to further enrich the Ukritic community.

This community already includes roughly 600 reviewers, and it is growing fast. With almost one thousand reviews online, Ukritic provides a great resource for consumers who want to be well informed before purchasing certain products. In addition to skin care items, other product categories include health and beauty, finances and investing, family and pets, and home and garden, among many others.

About Ukritic
Ukritic is a product review platform powered by the crowd-sourcing model. It enables members to submit unique, ethical and detailed reviews and publish them on Each review is checked by the Ukritic team for accuracy and quality. The platform allows users to leverage to gain instant traffic and earn commissions from affiliate sales.

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