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Ukritic's Unique Business Model Is Revolutionary for Products Like Rocket German Software


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2012 -- These days, the Internet provides consumers with many ways to do research before purchasing a product. This means that consumers have the power to check out any product before buying it, which is something that they were not able to do previously. Many review sites are popping up, however there is often very little substance to the sites and the quality of the reviews is often sub standard.

As more and more people turn to review websites for product advice, there are a few websites that are building solid reputations for themselves. One such website is called Ukritic was recently profiled on both and It is the first user-driven, crowd-sourced network to endorse and encourage affiliate marketing in an ethical, high-quality format.

According to entrepreneurs Matthew Chitty and Chris Rempel, the idea to begin Ukritic came to them quite simply. “The founders of Ukritic, Chris and Matt, had been developing content management systems and site-building tools specifically for the affiliate marketing industry, and it was during one of these mundane planning calls that a question was posed: instead of essentially ignoring the beginner segment of the market, why don't we build the ultimate affiliate site and then open the doors for anyone to add to it?” explains a spokesperson for Ukritic.

Now, Ukritic provides numerous reviews for a wide range of products, like the Rocket German language-learning software. Reviews for products like these are written by users who sign up with Ukritic. Every review is moderated for quality control, and users earn profits from referrals generated by their reviews.

This business model therefore enables consumers to get access to high-quality product reviews and allows reviewers to be compensated for their efforts. If consumers decide that Rocket German is an effective way to quickly learn a language, they can visit the company’s link, which is featured at the bottom of the review page. If they end up purchasing the software, the review writer gets a commission.

As a result, Ukritic provides an inventive and ethical way to provide high-quality reviews to consumers and commission-based affiliate opportunities to reviewers.

About Ukritic
Ukritic is a crowd-sourced product review platform. Users can create professional, feature-rich reviews of virtually any product or service, and publish them on Every review is human moderated before it gets published on the site in order to maintain a high-quality content standard. Ukritic facilitates affiliate publishing for the user. This means that users will actually earn profits for any transactions referred from their reviews and recommendations.

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