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Ulistic-Sponsored MSP Show Welcomes Chris Waite From Catalyst Financial for Critical Information on the Benefit of Leasing

The majority of small- to medium-sized businesses in Canada are looking for leasing alternatives for their major technology purchases. Managed services providers can gain a competitive advantage by offering leasing options. Must have information will be available on Wednesday, January 18, as Ulistic host and sponsor Stuart Crawford welcomes Chris Waite from Catalyst Financial to learn how they can benefit from leasing.


St. Catharines, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2012 -- Another week has flown by and already it's time for the Wednesday, 1/18/2012 MSP Show to air. This week, the host, Stuart Crawford, Business Development Consultant and CEO of Ulistic, welcomes a very special guest speaker who can give solid advice to Managed Services Providers (MSPs) in the area of leasing and the benefits they can obtain.

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Face it; over 80% of SMBs today lease a product. Having a financial package to offer them just makes good common sense. Unfortunately, most MSPs try to make their offerings too "techie" instead of written for their audiences, which is usually a direct result of not having a full understanding of the value of leasing.

According to Chris Waite, Managing Director at Catalyst Finance PartnersInc., "There is one party that has the most to gain from leasing -- and that is the MSP. The long-term benefit is capturing the customer footprint similarly to what companies like Xerox, IBM and Dell have been doing for years. The accumulation and effective use of this data is what will increase the re-sale capture rate for the MSP 2 to 4 years down the road. This increases the value of the MSP."

MSPs understand how important it is to their clients for them to hold onto their cash reserves. They want to lease, but they don't want to lease through a bank. By becoming a vendor at Catalyst, MSPs now have leasing and financing alternatives they can offer to clients. This is so beneficial for managed services providers for three reasons:

They can increase sales

They have better control of the customer

They can enhance their margins

According to Mr. Crawford, "MSPs can't afford to miss out on this opportunity to hear Chris on the MSP Show today. The show airs at 10:00a ET, but even if the MSPs cannot attend, they will have the full benefit of the show as it will be recorded."

About Catalyst Financial
Catalyst Finance is a Canadian leasing and financing company with access to the capital small and mid size businesses need to grow. We have long term relationships with multiple funders and are known for providing creative leasing and financing solutions to businesses across North America.

To contact Chris Waite or get additional information, please email cwaite@catalystfc.com.