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Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review: Unique Natural Method to Get Rid of Herpes Virus That Actually WORKS


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2014 -- STDs are actually very common now a days, and according to studies, most people will obtain one or two STDs throughout their lifetime. Herpes is easily the known and recognized as one of the worst STDs out there socially and visually. What herpes brings is the secret shame and stigma, the horror one know to expect if he should disclose his herpes to a romantic partner, and for women, the dangers to a baby if she should get pregnant and have an active outbreak when giving birth. And that is before even thinking about the discomfort and pain of a herpes outbreak itself – discomfort that one can’t mention to anyone because of their embarrassment and self-disgust. But here's the good news. Ultimate Herpes Protocol has come to the hub to bring salvation from Herpes and unlike all the vultures who use Herpes as a way to get rich.

"Ultimate Herpes Protocol” is an effectuate program carefully designed by Melanie Addington that aims to cure herpes permanently by eliminating the root cause of this dreadful disease. It is a step by step program that shows how one can effectively eliminate the virus from body. She claims that hers is an easy and miraculous treatment which has been kept secret by doctors and drug companies.


Herpes Protocol is a comprehensive and detailed method helping people resist the herpes virus. It is not familiar with other programs that just treat the herpes condition temporarily. It is also unique and proven formula, which offers users many high effects. This program deals with both herpes type 1 and type 2. It has proven to be very effective due to the simple fact that it deals with the root cause of the problem and does not seek to just get rid of the visible effects.

The creator spent many years on testing and researching methods bringing people a natural and safe method. As a result, she published Herpes Protocol program. It provides users with many useful and safe tips for treating herpes blisters. The method is suitable to women and men to use. Especially, it does not cover pills, drugs or medical treatment so people can use it safely. The program covers the real solution tried by lots of European doctors, homeopaths, naturopaths and alternative health practitioners.

People can get rid of herpes and stop outbreaks in less than a month by applying this effective protocol. It can change people’s relief that herpes cannot be eliminated and permanent. One more thing, the program comes with the detailed instruction and step-by-step guidance that people can follow with ease.


Melanie Addington herself suffered herpes in a better part of her life and only recently did she get her hands on this effective treatment method. She tried various methods to cure the disease, but those methods did not treat it. She made a decision to develop a method that can heal herpes effectively and naturally. Passing many trials and errors, she finally discovered the easy and effective treatment method combating the problem permanently. As a result, she no longer needs medical treatment to live in a normal live without her stigmatized and embarrassing condition.

The program starts working by initially removing all the unpleasant sores from the body. Later it attacks the virus causing herpes itself and gradually it starts abolishing the pathogens that causes herpes thus preventing the further outbreak.

The e-book also reveals sufferers a proper diet that should be strictly prohibited to allow the further outbreak and similarly recommending that food which will help to suppress the disease naturally. It provides immediate relief by adapting some changes in lifestyle to deal with the discomfort, distress and anxiety caused by the disease.

The other treatments in the market are only dealing with the visible symptoms caused by the disease but the outbreak tends to rebound as the viral is still present in the body.

Herpes protocol is unlike those unsuccessful methods that don’t give reliable results rather it’s a step by step guide that treats it by completely abolishing Herpes from the body. It is definitely not a scam, and here is the key reason why. This online program offers a 2 months 100% money-back guarantee and is also a very popular and reliable online program by many people all across the globe. Their positive reviews and feedbacks stress that it’s an ultimate solution to cure the herpes virus for good in the long term.