Ultimate Parenting App StarZappy Announces Official Kickstarter Launch and Facebook Page Creation

StarZappy, a powerful new parenting solution, has today announced the official launch of its Kickstarter campaign as well as its Facebook page.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- StarZappy, the first parenting app to be built around children, for parents, has today announced the debut of its Kickstarter funding campaign. StarZappy’s Facebook page is also now officially live, and provides a one-stop source for supporters to receive updates on progress, news and insights.

“Every parent in the world needs a way to raise their children to achieve, understand the implications of their actions, and to instill discipline, while nurturing healthy habits, principles and practices at an early age,” said app creator Yuan Chong.

StarZappy is the ultimate parenting app. Designed around children, the app was created for parents of children ages 4-16. Through innovative activities and functionality, StarZappy engages the child on his or her own device to create interest and focus, letting children explore fun activities and learning experiences. The app helps children define goals that motivate them to achieve results, and teaches responsibility as well as the value of money and not only rewards.

For parents, StarZappy provides a great many benefits, including some of the most important parenting guides. This child management tool replaces traditional methods of discipline, and instead leads children on a self-motivated journey of discovery and self-development.

“Most parents don’t have the time or knowledge to locate the right tools for early childhood development,” Chong stated. “As a result, they don’t know how to handle or manage child behavioral problems. StarZappy is a tool that parents can easily use to manage their children, to motivate them to complete tasks, and work toward their own goals, which leads to self-satisfaction.”

The app combines a wealth of features, creating the most robust parenting tool available. Important features include the creation of a kid-managed wish list, teaching kids to manage tasks in a fun way, earning bonus rewards for additional chores completed and an integrated star-based child management system.

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StarZappy is the ultimate parenting tool, built around children for parents. Combining parenting tips with the right tools for childhood development, StarZappy encourages children to set goals and achieve tasks while nurturing healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

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