Ultimate Phone System Selection Guide for Art Galleries - Provided by Phone Experts

This edition of the Ultimate Phone System Selection Guide from phone system experts explores optimal strategies for selecting phone systems that are specially adapted to the needs of art galleries.


Bay Shore, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- Phone systems are essential for any business, non-profit or organization and art galleries also stand to benefit from installing optimized communications solutions. This latest edition of the Ultimate Phone System Selection Guide from phone experts highlights premium phone selection tips for art galleries.

Benefits of Optimized Phone Systems for Art Galleries

1. Proper phone systems and telecom equipment for art galleries allow them to maintain continuous communication as required without disrupting the design, simplicity or elegance of the gallery’s interior.

2. New business opportunities can be realized when galleries run promotional campaigns and effectively advertise upcoming exhibitions and art sales. Naturally, most patronages are established by phone.

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“Art galleries require optimized phone system solutions that do not interfere with the free flow and design of artistic spaces, while also providing the much needed support for reliable communications with the outside world.” – CEO Yaron Ram.

Ultimate Selection Guide: Phone Systems for Art Galleries

1. Design Perspective – selected art gallery phone systems must present an elegant form factor that blends-in naturally with the artistic environment. A wireless solution is preferable, with a single wireless server and discretely positioned phone systems hooked up to the server by wireless adapters. The Xblue X50 is one such solution.

2. Functionality – art galleries are busy and competitive, but operate discretely, to the effect that a moderately-powered phone system solution is desirable. No excessive calling features are required. This is a major point to note in saving costs as well as reducing complexity of operation.

3. Cost – as mentioned earlier, art galleries do not need to purchase costly phone systems except where any additional cost can be attributed to unique design or convenience requirements.

4. Support – art galleries typically so not have the need to maintain dedicated technical staff overseeing phone systems and similar installations except in the case of large galleries. Where this support is not available, galleries should ensure that a support plan is provided by the phone system dealer.

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