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Ultimo Value Curate Collection of 2014s Best Double and Triple Desk Screen Mounts

Ultimo Value specializes in TV and screen mounts, and has put together a collection of the best double and triple screen mounts for desks, a must-have for all high end workstations.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2014 -- For many people who need to use computers to their full capability, one screen simply isn’t enough. Whether a gamer wishes to keep Facebook open on one screen and Assassin’s Creed on the other, or a high-end graphic designer needs multiple screens to spread their work out in layers, or an accountant seeking to see data simultaneously, multiple screens are of significant benefit. Arranging them however can be a nightmare, especially with limited desk space. That’s why Ultimo Value has collated 2014’s best double and triple desk mounts for screens.

Their 2014 Dual Monitor Desk Mounts Selection Guide is split into three distinct sections according to its mounting, with stand, grommet and clamp attachments so individuals can narrow their search according to their needs in this regard. Once done, they can select from the three best products on the market today, with direct price and feature comparison, sale percentages and user review ratings.

The guide to the best 2014 Triple Desk Mounts follows a similar format, and while the selection is more limited, there is still a mount for all seasons, with savings of up to 40% on items in the range.

A spokesperson for Ultimo Value explained, “We are committed to providing the most complete customer service experience possible for everyone who visits the site, and the most frustrating element of online shopping is that there aren’t shop assistants with whom to discuss choices and ask for advice. We remove this limitation by creating collections of the products we offer to convey our recommendations according to our authority within the industry, helping consumers make the right choices while remaining flexible enough that recommendations can meet every need. The Mount-it! Collections we have brought together represent the best products on the market today and at some of the best prices available anywhere.”

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