Ultra Sabers

Ultra Sabers Releases New Saber Called "the Manticore"

Most Sophisticated Saber Yet -- Available in Eight Colors


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- Ever since 1977, the world has yearned for a lightsaber. Ultra Sabers, the worldwide leader in affordable quality sabers, has heeded that calling and took it upon themselves to give the world what it wanted. Their newest invention, the Manticore, is their best work, yet, offering levels of realism never before seen on the market.

It should come at no surprise that kids and adults, alike, would die for a Star Wars lightsaber. Since neither Lucas Film nor the military have shown any indication of releasing the technology to the public, Ultra Sabers has created an FX lightsaber sure to fool even a Jedi knight.

The Manticore is available both with and without sound; the latter boasting sounds so realistic one might think it was real. This leap in technology has been met with thunderous applause, many stating that it was the closest they had ever come to actually being in a galaxy far, far away. Available in eight different beam colors, it’s sure to be a hit with any fan of any age.

In addition to the Manticore, Ultra Sabers offers a wide variety of Star Wars lightsabers. From sound to soundless, single blade to double blade, and even a package of parts for a build-your-own lightsaber, Ultra Sabers has it all. “Star Wars created an entire world that captivated so many people,” said a spokesperson for the company. “While it’s always going to be a fictional world, we work tirelessly to try and bridge that gap.”

About Ultra Sabers
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was a magical world that won the hearts of millions. Ultra Sabers shared in that passion and created their line of lightsabers. Not only do they place a heavy emphasis on quality, durability and affordability, they offer speedy delivery. They know a device like a lightsaber can inspire impatience, so they make sure to get it from facility to doorstep as quickly as possible. They share the same passion as their customers -- and treat them accordingly. For more detail please visit, www.ultrasabers.com.