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New Lightsaber with LED Driver Presented by Ultra Sabers

Ultrasabers.com offers a real lightsaber packed with versatility: the revolutionary emerald saber


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- The Emerald Saber, now available at Ultra Sabers, contains the most versatile LED driver in the saber industry. Users of this innovative saber will be pleased with the adaptability of the product, as they are able to control all functions of the light. Persons may download the software for the Emerald driver through the company’s website and then begin fine-tuning the saber to their tastes. Virtually any color can be created for the lightsaber. By adjusting the 4 color channels available for the saber—red, green, blue, and white—the user can generate a vast option of colors.

Two variations of the new lightsaber are for sale at Ultrasabers.com. One, Emerald Sabers with sound, are equipped with the company’s custom Obsidian soundboard. The other Emerald Saber is a stunt saber, with no sound effects. Both options are available in many body designs. Also offered is the opportunity to build a custom saber that integrates the Emerald LED module.

The innovative properties of the new saber are substantial. The Emerald driver allows its user to turn the pulse mode on or off, permitting a constant pulsing between two custom colors. Pulse duration and time can likewise be adjusted. The new lightsaber by Ultra Sabers can be made to flash on clash with any custom color. There are limitless combinations of flash color with main blade color. The sabers that incorporate sound are able to have a custom time and duration of flash. Additionally, the number of flashes can be modified.

The revolutionary new saber by Ultra Sabers provides ease of customization. The distinctive changes that the saber is capable of can be performed dynamically. The Emerald Saber does not require DIP switch adjustments, a loading bar, SD card, or pin adjusting, and alterations can be completed instantly.

About Ultra Sabers
Ultra Sabers is a custom lightsaber shop that offers quality combat bright blade products. They deliver Star Wars lightsabers, build your own sabers, and custom sabers. Each product contains a detachable blade with even, vivid lighting. All blades sold by Ultra Sabers are resilient enough to withstand battles.