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Ultra Safe Pest Introduces Rodent Control Task Force in Boston

City's Recent Rise In Rodent Activity Prompts Local Pest Control Company To Take Urban Rodent Control to a whole new level.


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- Pest professionals at Boston based Ultra Safe Pest Management are taking the recent spike in rodent activity very seriously. "We are treating this like an urgent public health matter because it is". according to Ultra Safe Staff Entomologist Victor Palermo. "I'm not saying to push the panic button but we do need to become more aware of the situation and take the appropriate action".

The rodents responsible for most of the increased activity according to Palermo are Norway Rats. "Although mice are very much a part of our daily work and still the 2nd most successful mammals next to humans, rats are on the rise in a big way".

Ultra Safe Pest has assembled a 'Rodent Control Task Force' to counter the recent activity surge. "It was becoming more evident that conventional trapping and baiting methods alone, do not provide long-term solutions. A more comprehensive approach involving heavier duty rodent exclusion, animal proofing and environmental changes are needed."

The 'Rodent Control Task Force' is made up of rodent specialists that are required to have a higher skill-set and are armed with more advanced equipment and materials when compared to the average pest control operator. "Not to take anything away from conventional PCOs, they work hard, but the rodent work we are doing now is a whole new game. Think of us like a Special Ops Team for rodent control and pest prevention".

The team focus is to provide and often times execute modifications and changes typically left up to the property manager of land lord to get taken care of. "It's amazing to me how much we have to rely on the customer to succeed at our job. While we will always need cooperation from everyone involved, assuming that our customer or other hired handyman can handle rat-proofing a property, can be a recipe for failure. Rats are adaptive and persistent pests. Ordinary materials and repairs won't get the job done".

Ultra Safe's Rodent Control Specialists are equipped to tackle the required extra work and finish with professional results. " Whether it's installing rodent-proof door sweeps, fabricating custom animal-proof trash enclosures or cementing up holes in a foundation, we are equipped to do it right the first time. We even have a rodent-proof fabric that we install under landscape beds, exterior perimeters, patios and places that rats normally burrow. We not only create a complete site-specific plan of action, we help the customer execute it".

In addition to providing these extra services, Ultra Safe has a high-tech operating system that keeps track of the whole process and documents everything in detail. "We want to make sure our customers are protected and in compliance with local health regulations and management practices".

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