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Ultrasabers Releases the New Manticore

The New Weapon for Jedi Knights Everywhere


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- For those wishing to have the ultimate Star Wars fighting experience, the new Manticore is the ultimate in Star Wars lightsaber technology. Crafted by persons who are very familiar with Star Wars lore, the Manticore is a huge technological step up, from previous incarnations of the lightsaber.

The Manticore really looks like a real lightsaber. It comes in a variety of attractive lightsaber colors, and the saber blade is detachable, so you can build your own lightsaber using the colors of his choice. A lightsaber that emitted blue, green or orange light was usually used by the “good guys” in Star Wars movies, and the villains used red-light lightsabers.

The color of the lightsaber in Star Wars was akin to the color of the characters’ hats in TV Westerns—it told everyone which side you were on. As the website blog says, “With the saber light off, it’s very eye-catching, but with the saber illuminated, it’s simply jaw-dropping!”

Ultrasabers created the Manticore because Star Wars fans have been clamoring for a weapon that they could actually fight with and which looked authentic. The Manticore is made of durable, high-quality aircraft aluminum, so it will last through many battles. The grip and pommel are made of similarly tough materials, so combatants’ Star Wars lightsabers won’t fail in the heat of battle. Ultrasabers also offers a variety of other lightsabers to help you win your battles, including single-blade, double blade and FX sabers. They also stock parts, accessories and build your own lightsaber kits.

About Ultrasabers
Ultrasabers.com is dedicated to providing the gaming enthusiast and Star Wars aficionado with high-quality, durable lightsabers that look, feel and sound like the real thing. The company’s mission is to make lightsabers that are tough and durable enough for actual swordplay. Whether to attempt to save the galaxy or to bring it under evil dominion, Ultrasabers has the weapon for the Star Wars combat enthusiast.