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Ultrasonic Technologies Market Trends, Share, Growth Industry Analysis and Forecasts 2017-2025

It is expected that the market would grow at a respectable rate as the technology is being widely adopted. Various verticals such as industrial units and healthcare are using ultrasound as it is considered a highly efficient technology.


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/11/2017 -- The global ultrasonic technologies market provides alteration of processes with the use of oscillating sound of very high frequency. In the healthcare sector, it is used for diagnosis and treatment by minimal invasive surgeries. In the industrial sector, it can be used for wielding, rearrangement of molecules etc. Ultrasonic technology can be used to fulfill day-to-day necessities such as monitoring the usage of water. Water metering application was successfully launched in Jacksonville, Florida.

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However, the response of ultrasonic technology can be unreliable with environmental changes such as temperature, humidity, air pressure etc. This is a major restraint for the market as reliability is a key factor for efficient use of the technology. Additionally, low-density materials such as cloth and foam have the tendency to absorb sound. Absorption of sound does not allow for distant sensing of ultrasound. This is a challenge that technology providers have to overcome in order to make the applications more efficient.

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Key companies profiled in this report are Advanced Sonic Processing Systems, Airmar Technology Corp., Baumer Electric Ag, Branson Ultrasonic Corp., Cameron Measurement Systems, GE Healthcare, Ltd., Siemens Ag, Tokyo Keiki, Inc., Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc., Yimei Dental Industry Co., Ltd


- The in-depth analysis provides informed decision making process based on current market situation and expected future trends

- The report offers region specific understanding of challenges and opportunities for technology providers to developed plans as per the market scenarios in various geographic regions

- The estimations are calculated according to the current situations and projected future trends for the period of 2013-2020 with base year figures of 2012

- The report provides market intelligence based on growth estimates of applications, services and geographies so that companies can understand the top investment pockets in each segment

- SWOT analysis and strategic developments of key players are included in the report so that companies can understand the competitive landscape and make changes to their strategies as and when required and achieve desired results

- The report provides short and mid-term impact analysis of the drivers, restraints and opportunities of the market

- Geographic analysis provides region specific trends so that companies can make strategic moves in various geographies to increase their presence in each region

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- Applications Of Ultrasonic Motors/Actuators
- Applications Of Ultrasound In Medical Field
- Applications Of Diagnostic Ultrasound
- Ultrasound In Surgical Applications
- Applications of HIFU Ultrasound
- Ultrasonic Applications In Food Processing Industry
- Application Of Ultrasound In Chemical Industry
- Special Processing Applications Of Ultrasonic
- Applications Of Ultrasonic Assembling
- Applications Of Ultrasonic Metal Welding
- Applications Of Ultrasonic Soldering
- Ultrasonic Applications In Machining Operations
- Application Of Ultrasound In Testing
- Ultrasonic Leak Detection
- Applications Of Ultrasonic Flow Meters
- Applications Of Ultrasonic Sensors/Transducers
- Sonar-Related Applications


- Ultrasonic equipment
- Ultrasonic motors/actuators
- Ultrasonic medical equipment
- Ultrasonic imaging equipment
- Ultrasonic surgical equipment
- Ultrasound equipment
- Ultrasonic processing equipment
- Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
- Ultrasonic food processing equipment
- Ultrasonic chemical processing equipment
- Ultrasonic assembling equipment
- Ultrasonic testing equipment
- Miscellaneous ultrasonic equipment
- Ultrasonic flow meters
- Ultrasonic sensors/transducers
- Other ultrasonic products


- Ultrasonic motor/actuator technology
- Ultrasonic medical technology
- Ultrasonic processing technology
- Classification of ultrasonic processing technologies
- Ultrasonic assembling technology
- Types of ultrasonic assembly technologies
- Ultrasonic testing technologies
- Other ultrasonic technologies
- Ultrasonic sensors


- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- RoW


- Medical device manufacturers
- Government sectors
- Academic institutions
- Technology integrators and service providers