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Ultriva Eliminates Excess Warehouse Inventory Through Right Sizing Demand Driven Production


Cupertino, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- Warehouses’ inventory at an all-time high, choosing a location for storage is tougher than ever. Narayan Laksham, founder and CEO of Ultriva discussed demand-driven manufacturing in the company’s blog. Demand for space is causing prices to go up, and manufacturers want to make sure they are still getting top notch service, especially when expenditures are higher than previous levels. DC Velocity reported U.S. warehousing costs spiked in 2013 as retailers, incented by low interest rates and inventory carrying Warehouse Inventory.

Laksham shared, “For a decade Ultriva supply chain solutions have synchronized demand-driven manufacturing processes at lower costs and heighted productivity. This real-time SaaS manufacturing software prioritizes the entire order-to-delivery cycle via promoting continuous process improvement. Creating dynamic scheduling, workflow on the shop floor, maximizing throughput, on-time delivery, the ability to manage supply replenishment eliminates excess inventory.”

Production priorities are arranged based on changes in demand, without supply chain professionals having to use supplementary emails or telephone calls to alert production modifications. These adaptive demand-driven solutions are automatic, enterprise-wide, and seamless. There is no need to build and update production schedules because orders in the system calculate materials and production availability and constraints.

Visibility ensures accurate order and the production team, supply management, customer service, sales and leadership work from one version of the truth.

Production reporting offers analytical tools and real-time data to track, predict, and improve the performance of all operational functions. The cost of maintaining excess inventory will grow more expensive, especially for the small or mid-sized manufacturer competing for the same finite space as larger companies. The only sure way to maintain the margin of products delivered is to minimize and mitigate excess inventory.

To read the entire blog, go to: http://web.ultriva.com/ultriva-blog/bid/102356/Eliminating-Excess-Warehouse-Inventory-Through-Right-Sizing-Demand-Driven-Production.

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Ultriva’s (http://www.ultriva.com) cloud-based platform leverages and seamlessly integrates with leading ERP and MRP systems, to deliver an end to end pull based replenishment solution. Ultriva, based in Cupertino, CA, implements a global demand driven manufacturing model by providing full visibility, scheduling, and sequencing of production of customer orders. Ultriva was named one of the Great Supply Chain Projects of 2014 by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine. The company’s global footprint is increasing rapidly with implementations in wide variety of industry sectors and enterprises such as Magellan Aerospace, CareFusion, Emerson, Ingersoll Rand, McKesson, Triumph Group, Regal Beloit, Thermo Fisher and more. Follow Ultriva on Twitter at @Ultriva.

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