UmeeUs, LLC Turns to for Public Donations & Future Investment in Its Company


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- I sat down with the Founder & CEO of social media website, UmeeUs, Umaar Ehsan to understand UmeeUs and its use of the ever growing I asked him several questions about its inception and progress. UmeeUs is a small social media website that caters to the user. Their long-term goal is to connect people to create a more meaningful relationship. Just like many others, Umaar Ehsan didn’t like the control Facebook had on its users. Furthermore, he didn’t like the advertisement, the cluttered page, the continuous invitations, the overwhelming feed, or the hidden account settings created solely to force you to give up.

He believes that the Facebook Company was coming to its end because they controlled every aspect of the user and what they should think. Although creating a social media website wasn’t his first thought, he came to terms when his friend kept shooting him down, idea after idea. He soon realized that every time he used Facebook, there was some new tool added to it that was undoubtedly useless and something you had no control over. That’s where the idea of UmeeUs was birthed. Umaar Ehsan explains that UmeeUs,

“It’s a platforms that is Simple, Safe, and In. The main function of the platform is to not hide, confuse, or control the user, rather to place all the power in the users hands. We created a platform that integrates two profiles, one that is private (called Umee) from one that is public (Us). We removed all the clutter, no visible or controlling advertisement, a limited friend list to improve the user relationship with individuals they really want to keep in contact with, implementation of the next generation of profiles that use audio and video stimuli, use of statistics in the form of analytics to allow the user to understand how he delegates his time and find a deeper relationship with his friends. Whether it may be pictures, videos, statements, causes, or what have you, the user makes it known what is most important. This is done by a simple system in which you “Up” or “Down” the post. The sites limitations are endless, but what really makes the site so unique is the power of CHOICE, which I stress and will be priority number one. You can choose to implement features while choose to ignore others.” is a platform that allows individuals or companies to raise money through donations in order to achieve their objectives for any type of campaign. Indiegogo works as a third party to link the individual or company with a wide range of people around the world. People donate money if they believe or want to become part of your cause. In addition, the campaign allows the use of “Perks,” a system to entice the donator to donate money. UmeeUs is using this website as a tool to notify people around the world what its mission is, as well as, a tool to allow individuals or companies to invest in potential stock and banner options that will be open through their perks.

Although, most of the platform is built and running, UmeeUs currently requires funding for hosting for high capacity video servers and small company headquarters.

If you want to read more about UmeeUs, you can at their Facebook page ( and to donate for their cause, you can find them on the IndieGogo webpage (

UmeeUs will soon be open to all .EDU accounts as it expands nation and worldwide.

Peter Madefield – Reporter
The New York Times
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