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UMyna - New Russian Pop Band Making Waves on Social Networks, a Nutshell Review


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- Bringing back the pop era of the 80's, UMyna, a Russian pop band, recently launched their foot-tapping tracks onto MySpace and YouTube. Blending modern music with the 80's melodious techno, U-Myna's newly released tracks beautifully comprises the old times with current trends.

Currently active in the United States, this astonishingly creative band was formed in 2012 by three highly passionate European musicians – Mickey, Mackey and Rabbi. These talented musicians, through their songs, beautifully counterpoint the genre everyone still misses and recalls through vintage videos. Their music reminds listeners of the evergreen singers like Lionel Ritchie, Tracy Chapman, Madonna, and many other legends.

The list starts with “Forecast” with modern synthesizers accompanying classic techno beats. A duet then starts singing melodiously in the background, while carrying the soft rock mood along. The song is beautifully composed and takes one into a trance. This music is recommended to those who are fond of Elvis Presley-ish sort of music.

The list follows to “Planet Parade,” a song that eventually gets your feet tapping. This song, though, follows the similar trail of soft rock, once flourished by songwriters like Quincy Jones. While shuffling further in the list, “Sound of Love” emerges as a foot-tapping number which is highly recommended to discos and nightclubs. This song brings back memories of songs by the supreme band Kool and the Gang. It will surely be loved by generations.

Last but not the least, “Paris” ends the list leaving listeners asking for more. A romantic track, sung beautifully by its lead singers, “Paris” moves, stops, dances, and falls for its listeners taste. This song is highly recommended for beta-males and females. The music offers enough reasons to transfer one into a beautiful trance with their loved ones.

UMyna starts on a very promising note. Their music offers the exact simplicity lacking in today’s era. Each of their four songs evokes nostalgia for an era passed by but still cherished and missed. Way to go!

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