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Unauthored Letters: Mental Illness, Greed and Redemption Collide, as New Novel by Tara C. Allred Garners Critical Acclaim

Enjoying an influx of esteemed reviews from readers and critics, ‘Unauthored Letters’ fuses a real-world examination of the give-and-take of the human condition with the gripping suspense that is a hallmark of Tara C. Allred’s style. Serving as the sequel to ‘Sanders’ Starfish’, Allred’s latest release offers a compelling insight into mental illness and its effect on relationships.


American Fork, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2014 -- Described as “shocking, romantic, disturbing, and ultimately life-affirming” – Tara C. Allred’s latest novel is not one to pass the literary world by. As the compelling sequel to ‘Sanders’ Starfish’, ‘Unauthored Letters’ takes a dramatic look at the ins-and-outs of mental illness.

However, it’s not a watered-down narrative about struggle, but rather a bold fusion of redemption and obsession; empowering readers to turn the last page with plenty to think about.


Dr. John Sanders has given Rebecca Brownell a new chance at life. After an isolated childhood, an abused adolescence, and an institutionalized existence, Rebecca is finally free to conquer her demons and build a promising life.

However, once Rebecca achieves her dreams, eerily personal letters begin arriving in the mail. Letters sent from someone who knows far more about her past than anyone should. Letters that intimately question Rebecca’s sanity. And then the letters turn threatening. . .

Unauthored Letters is the inspiring tale of a woman’s troubled past, a man’s quest to protect her, and their fight against a mysterious foe. It’s a story of trust strained by illness, love tried by lies, and promises terrorized by illusive danger.

“I wanted to bring suspense and psychology together into a narrative that will also give readers a deeper insight into some of the more under-publicized facets of mental illness,” says Allred, who received her education in Psychology and English, as a blend, to best pursue her writing goals.

Continuing, “As this is the second novel involving Sanders, I had a huge responsibility to develop his character deeper than I did in book one, while also helping readers grow close to Rebecca. I’m getting some great feedback on the depth of them both, their relationship and their relationships with other seen and unseen characters. This depth is vital to produce an engrossing narrative.”

Positive reviews have flooded in with abundance.

For example, one Goodreads member comments, “Allred exhibits an amazing understanding of the human heart and that comes through in her writing. ‘Unauthored Letters’ continues the story of Dr. Sanders and his patient Rebecca. When she starts seeing things and appears to be reverting back to her illness, his reaction ceases to be one of analytical psychologist and more of a frightened husband fighting to retain his family status.”

ForeWord Review was equally as impressed, adding, “Allred shows excellent insight into the psychological interactions of her characters and doesn’t ignore the judgmental errors therapists sometimes make. Use of symbolism adds depth of interest to this well-constructed story. . . Skillful placement of descriptive detail enlivens scenes and shows nuances of personality without slowing the story’s forward movement.”

A Hill, reviewing the book on Amazon, writes, “I loved the mystery of this book. I have to admit, reading it late at night I got really creeped out (especially the part with the dolls heads cut off!). I loved the whole time how I was second guessing myself wondering is she really crazy? Is it really happening? Go read the book and find out for yourself! I also appreciated getting a different viewpoint of what it would be like to have a mental illness, and also what it would be like to be married to someone dealing with a mental illness.”

‘Unauthored Letters’, published by Patella Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1nF1vij.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.taracallred.net/.

About Tara C. Allred
Tara C. Allred was raised in California. Her philosopher/psychologist father and artist mother provided a critical thinking and creative home life. Their influence helped Allred develop the attributes and belief that she could achieve her writing dreams. In 1992, she was recognized as a California Scholar of the Arts for Creative Writing. Allred is a self-proclaimed lifelong learner as well as a graduate from Brigham Young University. She is an award-winning author, instructional designer, and educator. Allred lives near Salt Lake City, UT.