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Unbeatable Insurance Agency Increases Panel of Insurers for Cheap Florida Home Insurance

Unbeatable Insurance Agency has built professional relationships with top rated insurance providers to give homeowners the best rates on the best insurance.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2013 -- Homeowners insurance in Florida can be a nightmare around renewal time, when individuals have to spend days, even weeks phoning around in their free time trying to get competitive quotes from the huge number of insurance companies. In the scramble, many prioritise the lowest rate and sacrifice quality of cover, but Unbeatable Insurance Agency offers the best of both worlds. The site offers an agency service with a longstanding professional network among top insurers to offer the best cover at the cheapest rates including for hoem insurance in Florida (www.unbeatableinsuranceagency.com/homeowners-insurance-florida.html).

The site is intuitive and briefs visitors on the nature of their business and the unique way in which they operate, promising savings of between fifteen and twenty five per cent on home insurance quotes from A-rated providers throughout Florida. The site includes an exhaustive list of counties covered and quotes an impressive 90% user renewal rate.

The work done by the company is solely to live up to their name and provide not just unbeatable rates, but unbeatable home insurance, which is why they only provide quotes from top rated insurers. Their priority is to ensure that homes are fully protected to maximize their clients’ peace of mind.

A spokesperson for Unbeatable Insurance Agency explained, “Many people forget in the rush to find the cheapest home insurance quote that it is also important to consider the quality of the cover included- there is no point searching for cheap insurance if the cover then leaves you vulnerable if the worst should happen. Our providers are a top tier list who work with us because we have earned their respect, and as such can leverage preferential rates for our client list, which is expanding every day. No matter who you are, we can save you money on quality insurance packages.”

About Unbeatable Insurance Agency
The primary focus of Unbeatable Insurance Agency is property insurance in Florida. Currently they are underwriting through more than fifteen Florida homeowners insurance companies, with the objective to provide the lowest rateswith the best coverage. All carriers have a ‘A’ Demotec financial stability rating. Whether visitors are looking for home, condo, or flood insurance, they are the experts in this niche. Unbeatable rates with maximum coverage. For more information, please visit: http://www.unbeatableinsuranceagency.com/