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Unchosen: From the Ashes of Scientology Rises a Promising New Author, and a Blockbuster New Book Series

Written by J.M. Barclay, ‘Unchosen: Rise of the Secret Wizard Societies’ is more than just an electrifying fusion of magic and the universal struggle between light and dark. This young adult novel is a call to action, and a battle cry to those who wish to make the world a better place – but don’t know where to begin.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2014 -- J.M. Barclay is on a mission. The author of the Amazon #1 Best-Selling ‘Unchosen: Rise of the Secret Wizard Societies’ received a second chance at life after becoming embroiled in the quagmire of Scientology, and now, his goal is to make sure that no one else feels the same despair he experienced.

The tale of a mischievous and courageous orphan, ‘Unchosen’ follows the boy as he is thrust into an age-old battle and forced to confront evil wizards, corrupt governments and a secret underworld of magic he had no idea existed. It isn’t difficult to notice the parallels between the boy’s story and that of the author’s.

“Just like him, my desire is to make the world a more decent, compassionate and healthy place,” says Barclay. “This truly was a labor of love. I don’t think that people understand how much power they have as individuals. If every person who reads this book commits to doing just one thing a week to motivate, inspire or enlighten, the positive ramifications would be endless.”

Official Synopsis:

UNCHOSEN begins with our hero, Josh Peters, living as a rebellious outcast orphan who constantly dreams of one day saving the world. Josh is heavily suspicious of the head of the orphanage and finds out that she was not only stealing most of the money for herself, but was actively preventing orphans from being adopted.

One day a good wizard, Gideon, shows up and claims Josh is the “Chosen One” and ushers the boy to leave his shocked friends behind.

Next we step into a critical ‘Montebolo’ meeting, led by Brian Wills, that goes over their diabolical plans to lower the common persons health, energy, education, money and will to fight- All in preparation for Brian’s ultimate plan- to lead the Human race into a man-made armageddon.

We then visit Ayumu Hosiko and his master business leading all of the freedom fighters, avitvists and educators of the planet. We quickly see how massive of a scale this good vs evil theme has become.

Josh is given a tour of the Wizards lair, mansion and even the world. He begins training for his ‘ceremony’ that would find out whether or not he was ready.

The deadly Utena, Brian Wills’ daughter, is given the mission to assassinate Josh, which she accepts happily.

After an embarrassing ceremony, and with a flair of desperation, Josh dares Utena to train him. She mischievously accepts her new ‘toy’.

Earth’s battles of good vs evil rage on as Josh tries to survive his deadly training, until he somehow grows into a force to be reckoned with, while battling with an awkward crush for Utena.

The chaos unfolds into an overall inspirational story about never giving up and believing in yourself and your potential, no mater your background, resources or social status.

You may also enjoy the ‘beyond the book’ Unchosen-world of united people that want to see conditions of the world improve.

By the end of this book you’ll not only be willing to believe in yourself more, but the world as well.

Since its release, the book has enjoyed a handful of rave reviews from readers on Amazon.

“A splendidly well written story, seemingly aimed at younger readers and yet containing such a rich depth of understanding of human nature and life that it can appeal to all age groups. A real page turner. This series is a welcome new addition on the sci fi fantasy scene. I eagerly await further offerings from this young and accomplished writer,” wrote Warren Hudson.

Calling the book “competition for Harry Potter”, Steven Tinter writes: “Five Stars. Top work from a budding author.”

‘Unchosen: Rise of the Secret Wizard Societies’ is available now from Amazon.com.

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About Jason Barclay
When Jason Barclay was 3 he used to wonder what pains the world might be going through and what he might be able to do to help. He was always a storyteller, he just never had the discipline to finish anything. When he was 3 would tell his mother different stories, one was about a helicopter that made her duck as if it was real...

By the time Jason was 13 his parents divorced and went to opposite ends of the earth. He stayed with his mother while his dad went to Israel. Jason would only be able to visit his jubilant and wise father a few times in the coming years. His mother was more of the serious worker type but they all still found times to build memories and went on many nice vacations. His mother was adamant about dreaming big and working hard at life. She took Jason and his sister too many lectures and events evolved around "Millionaire Mind"/ Motivational types of concepts etc.

At the age of 25 he received a rough lesson in the dangers of blind belief when he joined the Church Of Scientology's 'Sea Organization'.. At one point he even began to contemplate suicide. His mom tried to get him out but he saw her efforts as a threat and almost disconnected from her. If he they both wouldn't have lived too much longer because of their failing health and he was possibly the only person on earth who could train and gently push his mother back to a steady heart rate.

After he left he was devastated and found it hard to want to do anything in life.

But he did have one glimmer of hope. He thought that he could commit to writing a story bigger than himself and that, maybe, could make a difference in the world...