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Under Paris Rooftops: Side-Splitting New Memoir Invites Readers on One American Couple's Fearless 'Adventure' to Buy Paris Apartment

Masterfully crafted in a ‘his and her’ style by Arleen and Norman Shabel, ‘Under Paris Rooftops’ depicts the couple’s purchase of a lifetime that is fraught with the consequences of blending a dreamer and a realist. Arleen is the dreamer and Norman is the realist, opening the floodgates to seat-of-the-pants trip across the pond and a comedy of errors and rewards. It’s all 100% true, 100% unbelievable and will empower all American couples to pursue their dreams with gusto.


Marlton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2014 -- Who hasn't dreamed of buying a home abroad; jumping on a plane and then gracefully turning the key to a door that will provide getaway bliss for decades to come? Arleen and Norman Shabel did exactly that in Paris - after battling medieval French banking systems, foreign lawyers and a city that was as calamitous as it was romantic.

Authors at heart, the Shabels have since put their story on paper in a new book that is rip-roaring, hilarious and boldly thought-provoking.

'Under Paris Rooftops' will have readers taking breaths in between chuckles to figure out how their own dreams of foreign property ownership can become a reality. It isn't easy – but immensely rewarding!


How many American couples dream of buying a piece of Paris? The authors of this non-fiction comedy of errors and rewards will bring feelings of fear and envy to the reader. A piece of Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre and the medieval French legal and banking systems greeted the two fearless American authors.

Join with them as they travel through the circus of buying a Paris apartment, completely revamping the interior, and finally enjoying every crazy moment of the day-to-day life of the City of Lights.

This is a book of joy, frustration and humor, but most of all, of a fearless adventure that every American couple should take and enjoy.

"We wrote this book from a his-and-her perspective. I'm the realist and my dear Arleen is the dreamer," explains Norman, who runs his own law office when back on U.S. soil. "Our different viewpoints are what provide the fun and hilarity. Of course, being so different also got us into some sticky situations!"

Continuing, "We figured we'd make a house-hunting trip, buy a property, tie up the paperwork from the United States and then waltz into the Paris apartment with berets on and a huge smile. Turning the key was just the start of our problems! Buy the book and find out exactly what happens."

While tumultuous, Norman urges all couples to follow their dreams of laying down roots abroad.

"Looking back on it, we've had quite a ride. However, it has been a hugely-rewarding experience that we'd highly recommend to any couple looking for a change of scenery and pace. Folks will learn plenty about the process as they read the book. Prepare for a lot of fun!" he adds.

'Under Paris Rooftops', from Chateau Publishing House, Inc., is currently in the process of being converted to hard cover format and is due for imminent release.

For more information, visit: http://www.chateaupub.com.

About Arleen Morris Shabel and Norman Shabel
Arleen Morris Shabel earned her degree in French after spending her sophomore year in Paris. She lived her dream to be a part-time Parisian when she and Norman purchased an apartment in Paris. Her first book, Bogie Sees Paris is a photographic journey of their Maltese dog throughout the streets of Paris. She is a painter and composes music.

Norman Shabel is a trial lawyer and the author of several novels and plays. His last play Marty's Back in Town made its debut in Philadelphia. Music is being written for his first play, Are the Lights Still On in Paris? It is in the process of being turned into a musical.

Norman and Arleen co-host a weekly morning radio talk show in Philadelphia, WWDB 860AM where they invite guests to explore the world with them.