Undercover Hawaii Based Band of Brothers Trade Slaves for Lei's


Honolullu, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- A Hawaii based band of brothers have spent several years traveling the world on covert missions of Aloha, now they are preparing for their most public outings yet. “Things we do, aren’t only dangerous but sometimes illegal, but our Aloha touches everybody.” says Jordan Kanoe, one of the group’s key players.

After several feel good projects spanning 4 continents, the group decided to venture into the dangerous underworld of human trafficking, Michael “Maka” Took, the group’s architect, shared “We realized the ultimate expression of Aloha is to buy a slaves freedom.” A ton of research went into the decision to go to India, they felt like it was their best chance at success.  Took shares “Jordan was the one that looked the most like a local criminal, so he went in pretending to set up a new brothel in Mumbai.”  Before going into negotiate with the crime bosses, they setup interviews with the girls to see who wanted to really be free.  Kanoe was able to go in and purchase 13 people’s freedom, 6 of which were children for a total of less then $4,000 (US). Took shared “After we bought the first gal’s freedom, Jordan and I broke down because we understood Aloha in a deeper way.”  The group setup the freed slaves into new lives with little self sustaining businesses.

Jordan Kanoe “We came home and are like, ‘how do you top that?’ Finally Maka and I came up with an idea to take the Hawaiian idea of the lei and make it a global concept.” An undertaking they are dedicating a year to, called “The Lei Day Project”.  Starting May 1st. they will travel the world giving away leis and training a global army about how to use leis in everyday life, including the important spiritual aspects of using a lei in healing relationships. Kanoe, “imagine a global holiday where people sought to heal relationships, that wrapped people in the warmth of Aloha and the Hawaiian culture.”  The plan for the year includes several very public displays, including the goal of giving away 100,000 leis at the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.  While the group has association with several non-profit entities, the group is mainly sponsored by like-minded business people in Hawaii and on the mainland that allow them to insure the missions’ agenda is focused on the spirit of Aloha.

The Lei Day Project has attracted new members already, including local motivational speaker, Kaala Souza.  “Watching what they have done has me in awe and I am excited just to be part of showing the world the true healing power of Aloha.”  Maka Took summed up the groups’ mission “Darkness exists and only light can invade, our light is the Aloha we have here in Hawaii, we have been blessed to have this life, these life tools and our job is to go out in the world, into those dark places and bring our light, our Aloha.”

About Lei Day Project
The mission of the Lei Day Project is to explore the true meanings of Aloha, learn how to convey its healing power to the world and give others the ability to use it in their own lives.  The Lei Day Project is a year long experiment to find the depths of Aloha. A collaboration of artists, philosophers and like-minded, this team is called the “Lei Militia”.

CONTACT:  Darcy, Reckon Public Relations,, (808) 352-4263
LOCATION: Honolullu, Hawaii