Josh Chang

Underground Bunker Listings Reach 11 Different Countries at


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2013 -- Having just launched three months ago, reports rapid growth. It has attracted underground bunker listings from all around the world. From the USA and UK to India, Russia and even further afield.

At the time of writing, the USA is the most popular country with 45 bunker listings. Canada, the UK and Australia also have a significant number of bunker listings.

This highlights the increased awareness from everyday people of the risks that society faces. From war to natural disasters and more. Bunker Network claims that those with ready access to an underground bunker have a significantly higher chance of survival in times of crisis.

The listings the site attracts varies. Some individuals have resources that will last them years whereas others are looking to team up with local individuals that will help them stock and improve their bunker. Bunker Network states that this is one of the site's unique selling points. Everyone is after different things when it comes to underground bunkers and the variety of listings gives buyers a great pool of options.

Bunker Network expects the strong growth to continue. The costs of buying a standard bunker average $50,000 and Bunker Network understands that this is beyond the reach of most people. The founders believe that Bunker Network will become an increasingly precious option for those that want secure shelter but can't afford it on their own.

About BunkerNetwork is a private network of global underground bunkers. Those looking to sell or offer space in an established bunker can create a listing in the private members area. And those seeking secure shelter in times of crisis can join the site and connect with people that are offering the security they need.