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Understanding the Importance of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems with Randex Ltd.


Finchley, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2019 -- Automated storage and retrieval systems are computer-controlled systems that store and retrieve loads from a storage location. The retrieval systems also called ASRS or AS/RS are safe and easy to use. Many companies and warehouses prefer the automated storage and retrieval systems because they are quite safe and have no room for error. They can increase the efficiency of warehouses tremendously. There are many advantages of using automated storage and retrieval systems which include:

- The inventory is updated on the spot
- Handle, store and retrieve items of any size quickly and accurately
- Can retrieve multiple loads at once
- The picking accuracy with pallets, cartons and cases is increased with the systems
- Can also be used in narrow aisles where picking can prove problematic
- Ideal for any type of environment be it dry, wet or frozen conditions
- Safely handle the moving and storage of hazardous materials
- Easily expandable as your inventory, warehouse and business grows
- Reduce spoilage of food or damage to product
- Reduce operator fatigue and improve employee safety
- Allow for easy expansion.

A leading commercial storage solutions provider, Randex Ltd provides a plethora of automated storage and retrieval systems, including compact lift, carousels, mobile shelving and more. The storage and retrieval systems, they provide are well known for their accuracy, productivity and safety. They provide the solutions based on full discussions with the client, in-depth analysis of current practices with fully costed proposals detailing specific benefits.

One of the representatives from the company stated, "Our solutions are based on full discussions with the client, in depth analysis of current practices with fully costed proposals detailing specific benefits. Services include sourcing, delivery, installation, services, moves and repairs. A full after sales service is provided."

About Randex Ltd.
Randex Ltd. provides storage and retrieval systems ranging from simple filing systems to fully automated storage systems to satisfy a wide and varied customer base. All their systems are designed to allow customers to retrieve products or information as quickly as possible in a controlled environment. Randex Ltd. designs solutions after in-depth assessment of current practices, fully costed proposals with detailed benefits, Project Management and implementation. They offer full after sales service helping clients get the most out of their investment and build long term partnerships.

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