Understanding the Power Options Available as National Grid Scraps Last Resort Scheme


Hampshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2016 -- As the National Grid scraps its controversial Demand Side Balancing Reserve Scheme, Andover-based shentongroup urges organisations dependent on continuous power supplies to examine the various options available to help them safeguard their services.

Widely referred to as National Grid's 'Last Resort' scheme, in order to counter a shortfall in reserve power, businesses across the country were offered attractive incentives to cut their electricity usage between 4pm and 8pm on weekday evenings. As aged coal power stations are taken off-line, green replacements, including gas power stations, are not being commissioned any where near fast enough, resulting in some of the lowest reserve power levels the UK has experienced in recent years.

National Grid planned to enlist enough businesses on the scheme to reduce their demand by some 177 megawatts overall. However, due to a lack of participants, only 30 megawatts has been achieved, with few organisations willing to take part in the scheme between 5pm and 6pm, this being the country's prime demand time.

With the cessation of the scheme, National Grid remains an uncertain and potentially unreliable source of power for organisations relying on continuous power supplies for business continuity. To help counteract the increased uncertainty posed by the scrapping of the 'Last Resort' scheme, shentongroup is committed to increasing awareness of the continuous power options that are available to companies of all sizes, with all levels of power demands.

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shentongroup invites those wishing to learn more about the cessation of National Grid's 'Last Resort' scheme to speak to a member of their team now.

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