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Unearthed: First Volume of Epic 'Pactem Orbis Legends' Fuses Fact with Fantasy; Breaking Ground in 'New Adult' Genre

Masterfully crafted by Karen Seymour, ‘Unearthed’ takes readers on an unforgettable quest with an introspective college student whose developing supernatural abilities compel her to thwart evil and expose secrets from the past. Melding its engrossing narrative with an exploration of many life issues that affect today’s twenty-something readers, Seymour’s novel is leaving its audience with plenty to think about.


Blaine, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- Over the past three years, ‘new adult’ fiction has seen an undeniable boom – bridging the gap between traditional young adult novels and adult fiction. Fitting perfectly into this category and storming the literary scene with gusto, author Karen Seymour is delighted to announce the launch of ‘Unearthed’.

This powerful new adult urban fantasy novel is the first installment of the ‘Pactem Orbis Legends’, focusing on the coming-of-age of a college junior whose transition to adulthood is tumultuous to say the least….


“Gemma Alexandra Pointe is not a fitting name for a warrior, a vigilante, or a mystic. One would never hear the name and assume it belongs to a powerful person, like an influential politician or religious leader. And it certainly doesn’t sound like the name of a “supernatural”—an angel, a mermaid, or a fairy godmother.

But that’s what I am: a supernatural.”

In the first of Karen Seymour’s epic Pactem Orbis Legends, there are no heroes or saviors. There is only Gemma, an introspective college student, and the new reality she’s forced to face when a mysterious, green-eyed stranger shares a secret:

She’s an Essen, like him. Descended from elementals, and soon-to-be gifted—on her twenty-first birthday—with superpowers.

But Malakai Zonn also believes she’s “the Link,” prophesized to possess a weapon powerful enough to destroy the Essen’s mortal enemies, spirit-beings known as the Dothen.

Reluctant to participate in a supernatural war and desperate to preserve the life she knows, Gemma must choose: normal or supernatural, safety or greatness, love or duty. Her choices are as complicated as they are permanent, and in order to thwart evil, the secrets of the past—and Gemma’s true purpose—must be unearthed.

“This first novel in the series is resonating extremely well not only with its intended audience of new adults, but with men and women of all ages; especially the ‘geek chic’ crowd who still enjoy superheroes and fantasy well into their thirties!” says Seymour, who now works full-time as a novelist.

Continuing, “For the younger readers, they’ll also find a vital opportunity to explore many of the issues affecting their age group – such as figuring out who they are, who they want to be, what they believe in and who they should love. Interspersed with plenty of supernatural elements – it’s a novel they won’t be forgetting any time soon.”

Readers agree. Since its release, the novel has garnered over fifty five-star reviews on Amazon.

“I found Unearthed to be a story that fit somewhere between the Matrix and Lord of the Rings, both an adventure and an enlightenment for the main character. The writing style and descriptive elements leave you engrossed in a world of Essen and Dothen, unaware of time passing,” says Mike H. Meyer.

Karen “KaL” Loeffler was equally as impressed, adding, “WOW! Imagination dynamically captured for the readers enjoyment. Each character is developed so clearly and in such depth the reader is seamlessly transported between personas in the blink of an eye. The age old tale of life's choices, impacts, outcomes, and consequences are delivered in a fresh and intriguing venue.”

‘Unearthed (The Pactem Orbis Legends) (Volume 1)’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1hAZnqN.

About Karen Seymour
Karen Seymour began her writing career drafting technical manuals for a medical device company's neurology division, a job she facetiously describes as "writing 'how-to' manuals for brain surgeons." She held various communications positions in Corporate America, writing everything from marketing plans to advertising copy, before returning to her native Twin Cities to work full time as a novelist.

Seymour enjoys reading (whatever she can get her hands on), traveling (to remote and high-adventure places), working out (because physical exertion stimulates creativity), and writing (everything, even the occasional limerick). She also relishes time at home with her husband and her two feisty American Eskimo dogs.