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Unemployed Veteran Turns Crytographical Avionics Skills Into Speed Persuasion Mathematics Coaching

Having once served his country, one veteran is now using his military communication skills to the benefit of the civilian world.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2012 -- As those who have served will attest, communication and persuasion form the backbone of every successful person’s traits. Now, one veteran is launching a new coaching service available until January 17, 2013, to help American individuals and professionals who regularly and consistently improve their communication abilities.

Founded by Davine Williams, Speed Persuasion Mathematics Coaching aims to equip people will the skills they require to construct effective heart math coherence experience (go to www.heartmath.org) in daily conversations. However, this process will take place through value assignment, not value creation.

Those who are new to the idea of Speed Persuasion Mathematics will quickly become accustomed to its two most defining principles.

1. Any statement which assigns value of appreciation or depreciation can be considered as a financial statement.

2. The burden of proof or claim lies truly from the mind-set of the principal acceptor, not the persuader.

As Williams explains, Speed Persuasion Mathematics, while new to most, can play a vital role in life’s success.

“The grand design of Speed Persuasion Mathematics is to allow people to increase their communication net worth, while opening up the doors to the natural attraction of more opportunities in life,” he says.

To get started with your private one-on-one speed persuasion mathematics coaching exclusively in the Dallas-Fort Worth area simply take out your cell phone, look up Mr Davine Williams at 817-489-9964 and call your personal persuasion coach immediately.

About Davine Williams
Davine Williams proudly served six years as an avionics technician in the US Air Force and currently suffers from mental health issues including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He plans to use some of the proceeds from the coaching program to receive PTSD treatment among the private sector top health and wellness experts and leaders. Mr. Williams gives your thanks and gratitude to those individuals and professionals who invests and commits their time to speed persuasion mathematics coaching.