Unemployment Rate Tumbles - Trucking Companies Are Hiring Now

6,800 of the 288,000 jobs in April of 2014 came from the trucking industry


Tuscaloosa, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- People do not constantly want to be looking for a job. Most people do need gainful employment though since one does require an income in order to survive. Those with a commercial drivers license just might be best primed to land employment when searching for a job. The reason is trucking jobs are growing in abundance. In fact, the number of jobs added to the economy has helped, in part, to bring down the current jobless rate in the United States.

The figures do speak for themselves:

- 6,800 of the 288,000 jobs in April of 2014 came from the trucking industry

- The inclusion of the 6,800 jobs aided in dropping the unemployment rate to 6.3%.

- 6.3% is the lowest unemployment rate since September of 2008.

- 11, 300 jobs in the transportation and warehousing sector were added in April and this sector includes trucking positions.

- For-hire trucking jobs found here in the United States are roughly at 1.4 million total.

The numbers are even more impressive since reflecting an increase over original forecasted figures. Original estimated figures on jobs created were in the range of 218,000. The 288,000 figure does present some optimism about job prospects in certain industries.

Not every industry is automatically going to experience job growth though and the decrease in the unemployment rate does not mean job creation is occurring uniformly across all sectors of the economy. For those involved in the trucking industry, the news is certainly positive. Quite a few factors have contributed to the growth in jobs. The harsh winter is over and this means manufacturing and transportation sectors are back on track to conduct normal operations. The gaining of manufacturing and industrial jobs in the United States in lieu of troubles in these same sectors overseas is another contributing factor.

Clearly, workers who want to enter into the trucking industry can look towards the existing figures optimistically. Truckers who have been working in a trucking capacity for many years also have much to look forward to. The greater the growth in available jobs, the more likely it becomes to find better employment. Better employment can be defined by higher pay, increased benefits, a more preferable travel route, and more.

Of course, the ability to find a job is going to be based on how hard one actually looks for one. As the old saying goes, jobs never come to anyone. Jobs have to be sought out. This does raise questions about where one should look for a job. Among the best resources online is EveryTruckJob. As the name suggests, this is a fantastic resource for trucking industry jobs all across the United States. Through carefully looking over the available jobs and then applying to the ones that are open, eventually landing a job becomes a possibility. The chances of being hired right now may be better than ever. The industry surely is creating new jobs at an amazing pace.

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