Unemployment Revolution Announces Availability of an Online Resource for Free Unemployment Benefits Help and Eligibility Tips to Win an Unemployment Hearing


Tallahassee, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- The website for free unemployment compensation help and eligibility tips has just been released. — Today on the live Skype event, Unemployment Revolution announced immediate availability of their site providing resources and tips enabling individuals or claimants who need help on understanding how to qualify or become eligible for unemployment benefits. In addition there is plenty of information on how to represent yourself in an unemployment insurance hearing by providing free samples of unemployment appeal letters. Business owners are offered consultation related to learning how to lower their unemployment insurance cost and outsource unemployment responsibilities to a qualified representative.

“This is a cost saving program available to anyone who needs it,” said Chris Jacobs, Unemployment Hearing Representative at Unemployment Revolution.

Positive Customer Impact

Many customers have already benefited from visiting the website for free unemployment hearing and qualification instruction. “Matt”, a Medical Technician, who was recently fired, used the unemployment hearing information from the website for free unemployment help and eligibility tips. He then successfully represented himself in an unemployment insurance benefits hearing. The website for free hearing help and eligibility tips will enable Matt to benefit from the use of the complimentary unemployment information provided by seasoned unemployment representatives who have held thousands of unemployment insurance hearings at the state level.

“This has saved me a huge headache and relieved a ton of stress,” said Matt; “I purchased their Unemployment Hearing Guide which had the secrets on how to win my hearing they learned from holding hearings themselves.” “It was well worth the money and helped me greatly to understand how the whole unemployment appeals process works.”

The ultimate resource for unemployment representation and consultation information.

The unemployment insurance compensation resource website for assistance and eligibility advice is an upgrade driven by customer feedback and demand, and is part of Unemployment Revolution’s commitment to deliver the latest unemployment benefits information and tips in one convenient location. The resource for unemployment appeals help and eligibility tips is available for immediate viewing on their website.

About Unemployment Revolution
Founded in 2010, Unemployment Revolution is the national online leader in unemployment representation and consulting. Their information has appeared on many news outlets and TV programs. The company offers a wide range of services and products designed to individuals and businesses to defeat unemployment problems such as denial of benefits and winning an unemployment hearing. They offer free case evaluations and full representation and consultations for a reasonable price. Their unemployment representatives have an established background of holding thousands of hearings while working for state unemployment agencies where they learned the tricks and secrets behind how unemployment truly works and how to win any case regardless of the issue. The consultations and case summaries available to businesses have lowered employer’s unemployment insurance costs by an average of 25%.

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