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Unfavorable Outlook on Life Is Revealed to Be the Reason for an Unhappy Career

Recent research recommends that whilst almost half of all UK employees would like a career change, self-imposed personal boundaries are keeping their dream jobs out of reach.


Steyning, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2015 -- In a report launched by the London School of Business and Finance it was revealed that 47% of 1000 working professionals were searching for a career change, whilst 21% revealed they are intending to career hop within the next Twelve Month. "Almost half of all workers in the UK state they would like to change career," says Aftab Ali of the Independent, who adds, "However a fear of failure and the absence of financial security are obstacles holding them back."

Author of the self-development series, "A Bug Free Mind", Andy Shaw, nevertheless, states that a career should not revolve around the need to earn money, however it should rather be a way to direct your hobbies into something you can earn a living from. "Effective people don't want to retire. There I said it. They want to keep working because working is their fun time. To a successful person, their work is their hobby - they are doing what they enjoy and doing it is has created their success. If you find yourself burned out after a week of work, you require a change of career path, and that's final."

As a self-development expert, however, Shaw comprehends the true level to which a fear of failure can truly set somebody back from attaining their dreams. His self-development program, "A Bug Free Mind", operates in brief chapters and videos to remove the negative bugs that can eat away at an individual's sense of security and positivity.

"Everyone feels tentative about change, that's a way of life," Shaw continued: "However that doesn't imply you shouldn't attempt to overcome them. I created "A Bug Free Mind", because it took me years and years to overcome my faults and come out of the other side hugely delighted and as successful as I'd always wished to be. I want to save people valuable time and bring that exact same sense of joy, belonging and positivity to each and every person fighting any of the struggles that life can unexpectedly throw at them."

With five star evaluations originating from over 130 nations across the country, Andy Shaw's effective self-development program stresses the need to understand the reasons behind a negative outlook on life, such as an unhappy profession and a hesitation to change, in an effort to conquer the self-imposed fear and anxieties at the root of the issue.

The very first 5 chapters of Andy's "A Bug Free Mind" are available to read totally free on his site, abugfreemind.com

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