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Unfinished Man Earns Huge 20 Million Valuation as Major Rival Blogs Consider Purchase

Unfinished Man is a blog that has recently been given a $20 Million valuation by consultants working with the blog’s strategy team, as traffic reaches new peak of 500,000 a month and growing.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2014 -- In business, the numbers say everything. In life however, things are more intangible. One of the most intangible things in modern life is masculinity, with many commentators suggesting that the state of man is in ‘crisis’ after equality has made the top-spot and traditional gender roles outmoded, leaving little for men to define themselves by. Both the numbers and the intangibles tell the story over at Unfinished Man, where a keen insight on this topic has led to more than 500,000 unique visitors a month, and a valuation of as much as $20 million dollars by consultants working with the online magazine after they were approached by major brands looking to purchase the website.

The whopping valuation came because the blog has its finger on the zeitgeist in a way that the slower moving giants have long since missed. Masculinity is changing, and the blog frames this as an exciting and sometimes controversial topic, embracing the change instead of clinging to already outmoded valuations of the concept. The blog has been featured on BoingBoing and other major re-traffic sites, increasing their profile.

The blog’s new valuation has already resulted in offers from major online networks looking to co-opt their success and roll it into a bigger, more recognizable brand. For now however, they remain empty handed as journalist try to learn more about Unfinished Man. Reports suggest the editors have too much of that 21st Century independent spirit to have their message convoluted by boardroom politics, and they could be the online breakout success story of 2014.

A spokesperson for Unfinished Man explained, "Unfinished Man, as the title suggests, will forever be a work in progress, but it’s one that already has grabbed people’s attention. Unfinished Man isn’t just about lifestyle and entertainment- we dig deeper and try to get down to the intimate details about the evolution of masculinity and what being a ‘real man’ means today, as well as what it’ll be tomorrow. We started Unfinished Man as a group of friends back in 2010, and since then we’ve managed to grow the site to over half a million unique readers each and every month. We’re pretty excited about that, and this valuation really took us by surprise."

About Unfinished Man
Unfinished Man is not merely a men’s lifestyle and entertainment blog, but a site devoted to the essence of masculinity and becoming a real man. It offers practical tips, tricks, and advice for a wide range of topics including dating, travel, and fashion. The editors don’t take themselves too seriously, and the site cultivates insightful discussion as much as jokes and ambition. For more information please visit: