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Unforeseen Home Fire Hazards. Not Cleaning Your Dryer Vents Could Put You and Your Family at Risk

Safety First: Avoid A Dryer Vent Fire!


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- When it comes to a family’s safety, most think of locking their doors or programming their burglar alarm systems, but what about the potential risks posed by home appliances? Would everyone act differently if they knew that 15,000 fires per year are actually caused by clothes dryers? Homeowners usually clean their lint filters after drying their laundry…but when was the last time they had an expert clean their dryer vents?

According to Mr. Gramacki, owner of Quality Clean Air Inc., lint traps do collect a large percentage of the lint generated from clothing, however, almost half of the remaining lint travels through the dryer vent system. Moisture can cause the dryer vent to corrode, which contributes to lint buildup that is highly flammable.

The majority of homeowners are unaware of the threat this can pose to a home until it is too late. “Failure to clean your dryer vents could put you and your family at risk of being victims of a fire. “-Mr. Gramacki, Owner of Quality Clean Air Inc.

Signs of Lint Buildup:

- Clothing feeling damp after dryer finishes cycle.
- Musty smell emanating from the dryer.
- Dryer vent hot to the touch due to overheating.
- Laundry room becomes extremely hot.
- Check the vent hose! Make sure it is not made of plastic, if so; replace it with an aluminum hose.

How to Prevent Dryer Fires:

- Increase the time between loads.
- Avoid drying bulky items, such as large comforters.
- Have a professional such as Quality Clean Air Inc. clean your dryer vents on a yearly basis.
- Keep the area around the dryer free of any clutter and avoid placing items on top of the dryer.

Cleaning out dryer vents periodically will reduce the chances of a home fire and keep you and your family safe. In addition, regular maintenance will increase dryer efficiency and lower a homeowner’s energy bill.

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