Unforgiveness Tackled Head-on in WORD Films Movie "Chasing Grace"


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2016 -- Powerful faith-based drama/thriller starring Michael Joiner comes to DVD May 5, 2016.

They say all you need for a movie to be successful is two great scenes.

"Chasing Grace" (http://www.chasinggracemovie.com) has that and several more.

Made on a budget of less than ½ a million dollars in 2014, the inspiring Christian drama was quickly bought up by WORD Films. It has since then debuted at theaters across N. Carolina and the Midwest to rave reviews, many calling it "The most powerful and well-made movie of its type ever made."

Much of that credit goes to lead actor Michael Joiner, a twenty-five year stand-up comedian who in 2002 moved his family to Hollywood, CA. from Kansas City, MO. to more seriously study film acting.

In 2008, Joiner was cast as the lead opposite Oscar winner Louis Gosset, Jr. in SONY Pictures sleeper hit, "The Grace Card."

His performance got him rave reviews among critics nationwide, including The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

It also got him noticed enough to help him land over a dozen starring and co-starring roles, all without an audition.

Cut to 2014 where Joiner was approached by David Temple, writer/director/producer of "Chasing Grace."

"Michael was the perfect actor for the lead role in my film," says Temple. " He shows up on the set and you just know by his performance he has prepared and done his homework. Every time I watch the movie and see him I just go, "Wow."

"He just lights up every scene, "says Temple, who also co stars as Joiner's rebellious brother. He's amazing (in the film)."

That seems to be the sentient of many producers and directors who have booked Joiner to act in their films…without even an audition.

"His performance in The Grace Card, as well as his acting reel and reputation as a solid method actor is enough to know you want him in your movie", Says Ricki Holmes, who directed Michael in the film "Broken Faith" which Michael starred in.

Since being added as producer on "Chasing Grace" (Joiner's 3rd film as producer) Joiner has also recently started his own production company, Esther Pictures (http://www.estherpictures.com), which has several projects in the works.

"My goal is edgier, more honest stories that appeal to secular audiences as well as Christian", says Joiner. "No 'preaching to the choir', or hitting people over the head with some overt sermon. Audiences go to theaters to be entertained. If they want to get preached to, they'll go to church."

"Our goal is to make films that are as comparable in production quality to what Hollywood puts out," He says. "God's name may not always be mentioned. However, just like in the book of Esther, his presence will be evident."

"After all, "Joiner continues, "Every movie that has ever been made, one way or the other, promotes the philosophy of the filmmakers…how much more should movies made by Christians?"

"Chasing Grace" is schedule for nationwide release on DVD May 5, 2016. For more information, go to http://www.wordfilms.com

For more information on Michael Joiner, please visit his website; http://www.michaeljoiner.com

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