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Unholy Book Gets Unholy Reception


Kent, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2016 -- New author J-Ironfist, has received some hot-cross opinions about his book 'How Do Assholes Get Into Heaven?' But how can one book be such a cause for alarm?

Some of the web's religious voices are challenging the morality of the writer, not just for creating the book, but for planning its release date to coincide with the beginning of Easter, a time when the church says Jesus Christ died for the good of mankind.

As if the mocking content of the bible wasn't bad enough, the cover art depicts a grown man, giving the middle finger to a young angel boy, raising concern that easily influenced people might see that as amusing and start some sort of viral swear game.

J-Ironfist (author) writes on the back of the book that the content is purely satirical, not "designed to change religious beliefs in any way" and describes himself as an "Unrefined man" however, some angry voices see the writer as some sort of villain and are calling for full censorship or total dismissal.

Whatever your opinion on this book, the fact is, that the bible is full of questionable text that will always provoke opinions. However at Easter time, we are also reminded of forgiveness, be it for somebody else, of for ourselves. Humanity has come a long way because of it.

About J-Ironfist
J-Ironfist is a British writer from the South Coast of England who claims that he wrote his book in six days, after a strange dream. Divine or not, you can judge for yourself. "How Do Assholes Get Into Heaven?" is available at Amazon stores or, where you can read more about this controversial raconteur.

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