UniControls Asia Officially Distributes Hibar Systems LTD Products


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2014 -- Hibar Systems Limited products are now available in Singapore, as UniControls Asia officially started distributing hibar pumps from the said company.

UniControls Asia is an exclusive distributor of Hibar Systems Limited in Southeast Asia. Hibar is among the leaders in the development of precision metering pumps and dispensing system, providing innovative and better solutions in precision pumping.

Hibar Systems Limited is among the leaders in manufacturing high technology automated liquid dispensing and filling systems in North America.

In its website, Hibar is manufacturing complex high-speed integrated battery assembly lines, advanced metering pump and dispensing / filling systems, high-performance custom engineered packaging systems and automated assembly systems for a wide variety of industries.

Hibar pumps are used in more than forty countries all over the world for its precision pumping and measurement, making it perfect for industrials uses.

These kinds of pumps from Hibar are more often used by battery manufacturers for filling batteries with electrolytes. Hibar products are considered to have set the global standard in battery production.

UniControls Asia has been appointed by Hibar as an exclusive and authorized dealer of their products, being certified as an official distributor on January 1, 2012. Other territories covered by the authorization are UniControls Asia in Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Hibar pumps

Among the Hibar pumps and other products produced by Hibar are Precision Metering Pumps and Dispensing Systems, Automated Battery, Manufacturing and Process Equipment, Custom Packaging Equipment, Lithium Ion Battery Assembly and Automated Vacuum Filling Systems.

The Pneumatically Driven Dispensing Pumps from Hibar performs high precisions dispensing because of its system of capacity measurement, using a high precision micrometer. The pump size of this product is easily replaceable. This product alone has a variety of valves to perform best in different viscosity.

Aside from the The Pneumatically Driven Dispensing Pumps, Hibar also offers Servomotor Driven Dispensing Pumps and other options for different customers, such as positive shut off nozzles, pump accessories such as check valve nozzles, fittings, and pharma pump.

Hibar pumps provide solutions for precise dispense pumping of raw materials for cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, and technical services. Different products are available for different volumes and viscosity.

Aside from the Hibar pumps, Unicontrols Asia are also selling fluid dispensing systems, fluid dispensers, liquid dispenser controllers, pressure tanks, custom made air pressure tanks and tank accessories and options such as relief valves, level gauges, level sensors, tank mixers or stirrers, tank mixer blades, and a lot more.

The Singapore Headquarters of UniControls Asia is located at 163 Tras Street #03-04 Lian Huat Building Singapore 079024. Customers are advised to contact the company at telephone number+65-6509-5878. Customers may also fax +65-6509-5876 or email info@unicontrols.sg.