UniControls Asia Strives to Continue Providing Quality Dispensing Systems to Range of Markets


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- Quality dispensing systems are now within the reach of companies and industrial plants in Singapore, as UniControls Asia continues to provide products that will make dispensing pumps and dispensing valves easily distributed.

Companies that need dispensing pump can now enjoy more accurate and more efficient pumping systems as UniControls Asia brings the technology that is now the global standard when it comes to dispensing pump.

Among the pumps being distributed by UniControls Asia are Hibar Pumps. Hibar Systems Limited is among the global leaders in high precision plunger pumps or metering pump systems. Pumps from Hibar are among the most trusted in the world, with over 40 countries using the said pump. This plunger pump is widely used for different industries such as food, cosmetics, medicines and detergents. Only UniControls Asia is the licensed and appointed to distribute Hibar systems in Southeast Asia.

Other dispensing pumps that are available in UniControls Asia are barrel dispensing system, cartridge dispensing system, valve tank dispensing system, and tube pump dispensing system.

A dispensing pump is used to efficiently and accurately transfer fluid. These pumps are suitable for different volumes and liquid viscosity.

Aside from dispensing pumps, Unicontrols Asia also offers dispensing valve that are reliable in providing accurate and repeatable dispensing of fluids on different viscosity. The valves can also dispense fluids depending on pressure and shot sizes.

There are six dispensing valves that UniControls Asia offers: the poppet valve, pinch valve, solenoid valve, needle valve, diaphragm valve and the spool valve. These valves can be used on various fluids of different viscosities, avoiding unnecessary waste products due to dispensing inaccuracy.

The poppet valve is ideal for medium to high viscosity. It can be used to dispense various fluids such as epoxy, adhesives, silicone and grease. The poppet valve have a feature called suck back control, which ensures that there are no, if not minimal, tailing or wastes.

The pinch valve is ideal for fluids of low to high viscosity such as solvents and solder creams.

The solenoid valve, on the other hand, is recommended for fluids that are of low viscosity.

The needle valve has a wide use, from low to high viscosity. The stainless steel needle prevents dead fluid volume between shots.

The diaphram valve, meanwhile, is for low viscosity fluids such as UV cured adhesives.

The spool valves are for medium to high viscosity materials. It also ensres clean and controlled material by preventing tailing or waste of fluid.

For those who need to consult UniControls Asia for their pump needs, UniControls is located at 163 Tras Street, Lian Huat Building. Customers may also contact +65-6509-5878 or fax +65-6509-5876.