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UniControls Continues to Lead Quality Pressure Tank Manufacturing in Asia


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- Singapore pressure tank manufacturer is still leading in Asia, with its products becoming fast known worldwide because of its quality despite its consumer-friendly rates.

UniControls Singapore Pte Ltd remains unbeaten in the pressure tank manufacturing business as it continues to get international attention in total dispensing systems for big industries and manufacturing companies.

UniControls has been a leader in pressure tank manufacturers in Asia, being able to provide different pressure tank needs for its large and small scale clients. The company provides different pressurized tanks depending on the use, such as chemical production, food, medicines, pharmaceuticals, paints, inks and a lot more. UniControls provides pressure tanks of different shapes and sizes depending on the use and purpose.

According to its website, pressure tanks from UniControls provides “a simple way to continuously supply dispensing materials to your dispensing systems without the need to frequently replace syringe barrels and cartridges.”

Being among the leading pressure tank manufacturers in Asia, UniControls continues to provide new technologies in precision dispensing. Just recently, UniControls launched the Desktop Dispensing Robot UXY series, a system that allows high precision accuracy without much complicated controls. The controls can easily be viewed and adjusted through the viewable teaching pendant screen with more memory capacity.

Up to now, UniControls has been developing pressurized dispensing systems that help industries and businesses be more effective in their production.

About UniControls
Located at 163 Tras Street #03-04, Lian Huat Building, Singapore 079024, the headquarters of UniControls takes pride of its state-of-the-art equipment and technology. For more than 30 years now, UniControls as the leading among the many pressure tank manufacturers in Asia, has achieved maximum customers' satisfaction and continues to surprise its clients with quality products and services.

As the company continues to grow, it is slowly moving its existing products in Japan where stainless steel tanks are being manufactured. UniControls also takes pride in putting a premium in cleanliness, with sparkling clean electropolishing rooms and welding rooms.

For those who are looking for total dispensing systems, specifically on quality pressure tank systems, you may contact UniControls through the following contacts:

Email: info@unicontrols.sg