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Union Roofing Announces New Winterizing Roofing Tips to Help Prevent Major Unpredictable Winter Damages in 2013


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- Here in the Philadelphia region, the winter weather has been quite unpredictable. So far it has been extremely mild, but temperatures are beginning to drop well below freezing, making it important to have a home properly winterized for these odd cold fronts that have the ability to bring on snow and ice. For roofing services in Philadelphia, Union Roofing has recently released some new and informative advice that will help prepare homeowners for hazardous winter weather in 2013.

With some minor provisions before or during the winter season, it can result in a fully functioning, non-problematic roof that will help eliminate any costly expenses and stress on a homeowner. Although it may seem like a minor, useless task to complete, clearing the roof of any debris is vital in maintaining its lifespan. During the winter, gusting cold winds cause branches to snap more easily and fall onto a home. This can result in rain not flowing properly down the slope of the roof to drain through the gutter system. Especially if there is any snow bearing down on branches, it could lead fallen debris.

For roofing services in Phila, PA, the professional contractors will be more than happy to install and see if the home has a fully operating gutter system. Not only does this allow for the water to properly flow off the roof of a home, it allows for the water to be drained away from the structure. This results in no water sitting around the base of the home, which could potentially drain into the basement and cause foundation problems. The contractors at Union Roofing see many homes that do not have the proper gutters and downspouts set up.

Union Roofing highly recommends homeowners not to wait any longer for suspicious roofing problems. They even provide commercial roofing in Philadelphia for those standard roofing inspections that could end up saving property owners thousands of dollars if caught early enough. Start now, have the proper maintenance and inspections completed before any severe, unpredictable weather rolls around in this region by contacting Union Roofing.

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