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Union Roofing Now Installing and Repairing Windows

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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2013 -- Union Roofing is pleased to announce that they are now offering services to replace or repair a window in any residential or commercial building. Older windows are a leading cause of energy inefficiency in a home or commercial building.

If the heating bill in the home or office seems higher than it should be, there could be cold air entering the building from older windows that have lost their seal. Over time, windows will not only lose the seal that keeps the cold air out, but the casing around the window can become rotted or warped. Replacing windows with new energy efficient windows will keep the heating and cooling bills lower throughout the year. Just as cold air can seep through, unwanted warm air in the summer can also enter the building through older windows. In most cases, just the window itself can be replaced for optimal energy efficiency in the building. In other circumstances, the casing around the window may be completely rotted or infested with insects and will need to be replaced as well. A window expert at Union Roofing will be able to identify the best solution for each homeowner or building owner. They will work with their budget to achieve the best result.

Union Roofing specializes in windows, doors, siding, and all types of roofing materials. When there is a leak in the roof, and it has caused damage to the siding and window casings, Union Roofing has a team of highly trained professionals that can repair and replace everything that has been affected. Union Roofing also offers free estimates and a 30-year guarantee, so call today to set up an appointment and be on the way to new replacement windows and higher energy efficiency in the home or office building.

About Union Roofing
The Philadelphia and New Jersey based roofing company is proud to provide home and commercial property owners quality services on every single project. Union Roofing makes it their goal to meet every client’s requirements and satisfaction whether it is repairs or installations for every residential and commercial need.

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