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Union Roofing Now Offering Metal Roofing, Great for Inclement Weather


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- The roofing company in Philadelphia now offers metal roofing services, which is great for inclement weather such as high winds, heavy snowstorms, hail, and rain. Under high wind circumstances, metal roof installations are highly durable and are very resistant to lifting up. This allows homeowners to be rest assured during the long winter season that their home is be able to hold up against Mother Nature.

In the Philadelphia area snowstorms are something residents are used to, however, it does not mean one’s home has to suffer. By having a metal roof installed from Union Roofing, it can be a great advantage for snow prone areas that will last for years to come. For roofing in Philadelphia, homeowners will be able to be secure knowing the integrity of their roof will not be affected from inclement weather.

The professionals at Union Roofing are able to educate homeowners on all the benefits metal roofing has to offer because they have the ability to shed snow off unlike a traditional asphalt roof. By eliminating ice from building up and gutters becoming weighed down, homeowners can save money that would otherwise be used to repair damages from the winter season. The roofing company in Philadelphia will be more than happy to assist homeowners in deciding whether a metal roof would be beneficial before anymore storms hit the northeast.

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