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Union Roofing Now Offers Brick Pointing Services


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2012 -- If one happens to be suffering from leaks, water damage, or wet spots in a home or commercial property, then it may be time for some brick pointing services. For those who are unfamiliar it is simply replacing mortar that has deteriorated in the joints of a masonry wall. The roofing company in Philadelphia is proud to now offer these services for homes that are built using masonry. It is often thought of as an ever-lasting building process, however with time, materials weaken especially in the joints of a home.

The roofers in Philadelphia have seen numerous cases where homeowners wait too long to replace the masonry between bricks, which may result in bricks falling out, the walls becoming saturated, and the plasterwork damaged. It is crucial to have an experienced craftsman complete the brick pointing services to perform this type of work. Not only will this Philly Roofer guarantee that it looks beautiful, but that it is also safe and secure for years to come. For those who try to tackle brick pointing as their weekend DIY project, they may want to think again since it could lead to potential structural damage.

These services are essential in prolonging the life of the structure of both home and commercial properties. Union Roofing can now provide those who have a brickwork structure to prevent future water damage from occurring. The professional roofers in Philadelphia are committed to providing the utmost quality brick point services so homeowners can be rest assured that their homes structure will last a long time and enhance the overall curb appeal too.

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